Video tips from the AFHV team

Think you’ve got what it takes to be a funny video star? Well the team at Australia’s Funniest Home Videos want to see what you’ve got! With amazing prizes on offer – you’d be mad not to send your funny video in.

Here are a few exclusive tips directly from the Australia’s Funniest Home Videos team about how to get your clip on TV:

  • Make it original – over 10,000 entries are sent in each year and so the more unique your clip, the better! Try not to remake something you’ve already seen on the show – get creative! Here are some ideas if you haven’t managed to capture the perfect funny moment on film yet:
  • Film yourself scaring a family member or friend.
  • Show us your best and most original party trick.
  • Pull a practical joke on someone.
  • Send in an embarrassing karaoke moment.

  • Avoid filming on a mobile phone wherever possible. Sometimes clips are hilarious, but if they’re filmed on a mobile the quality might not be good enough for the team to put it to air.

  • If there is a lot of footage on what you send in, make sure to write a note to tell the team exactly where the funny bit is. They don’t want to miss it!

  • Try not to edit your video too much. The team might need a bit of footage at the front and back of the clip for it to be long enough to put to air!

This is your chance to be seen on prime time national television and to win some amazing prizes, so be creative and most of all have fun because at Australia's Funniest Home Videos, the fun starts with you!

User comments
Could you please let me know the proceedure for sending a video? many thanks
Hi FHV, Can I email my funniest home videos to you or do we have to send them in the mail? cheers
My brother came for holiday, he took video to show my family in China, what dog can do in Australia. I feel some of them are quite funny. I would like to share with other people in Australia. Could you tell me how to send to you?
Can you please tell me what the address to send in videos is? I need it thanks.
To the crew at Funniest I love the show, I can't even think about how much work goes into it and I want a give a special thanks to the all the production team and all those who work behind the scenes. I would like to make a special mention to the Voice Over guy, the Producers, the people who watch the clips your the one's who make laugh so hard. It would be great if you could pass this message on to all those who work at Funniest Home Videos. Thank you for making Saturday Nights the most enjoyable part of my week. Regards Johnny G
How do I send in a clip? Put it in a memory card or how do you prefer it? Thanks for your time. Nic.
Hey i was just wondering how long it takes to received a video and how long it take until i'll get any notice. Thanks. Yours sincerely, Nicole.
Strangely enough I have a video, it however has my 3.5 yo nude (I know that's not particularly funny however he was in the nude at the time) - if the video is aired do your editors "Pixelate" his "bits" for the broadcast. Cheers
i need to know how to post a video, this funny video of my little brother being freaked by the Exorcist Scary Maze Game
Hi there, I mailed a video on mini DV digicam tape to you in late October 2009. I have not yet heard anything, whether it has been received, if it will be on the show, nothing at all. I also enclosed a paid return envelope for the tape and I also didn't receive my tape back. Could you please check your files for my tape and let me know whether you have it and if you're going to play it? That would be great! Thanks & Regards, Anna

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