The Politically Incorrect Parenting Show

The Politically Incorrect Parenting Show: Coming Soon to Nine

If you’re a parent you HAVE to see this show… it’s the biggest thing to hit the world of parenting since the invention of disposable nappies.

Channel Nine is recording a brand new primetime series about how the whole parenting thing has gone a bit la-la: how come our parents just got on with it and yet we worry about every last thing? And why do modern children think that the world really does revolve around them?

For three nights only, renowned clinical psychologist and best-selling author, Nigel Latta, will present a completely entertaining, entirely irreverent and totally non-PC way to bring up kids: the inherent weirdness of breast pumps, the horrors of bath poo, why modern playgrounds suck, the stuff they never told you at ante-natal classes, and how we’ve sucked the fun out of childhood while layering guilt on ourselves.

This is a completely original series which will entertain, inform, and almost certainly provoke. If you don’t laugh at some of this stuff, then your kids should be taken into care.

For a sneak-peek check out:

User comments
Can't wait for this show to be on! Please air it asap! Any info about it would be great!
I have emailed Nigel Latta's official Website and YES the show is going to be shown in Australia. The production process took a little bit longer than initially expected. Channel 9 have been working on it to make it an even better show! So it should hopefully be on our screens in the first half of next year.
We saw three episodes of this series when we were in New Zealand last year. Nigel Latta is fast becoming a phenomenon... all because he's a decnet bloke with a bit of COMMON SENSE! Really funny, well presented, gives parents the confidence to do what they suspect is right anyway! Come on NBN - what's the hold-up? It a GREAT show and we'd like to see the rest of it. Oh - and check out Nigel Latta's books on-line. Great!
I loved the promos for this show - finally some home truths for the ridiculously PC parent! But what happened? Is the Politically Incorrect Parenting Show too politically incorrect to make it to air??
So - please Channel 9 - the answer? When will it be on?
hey guys my parents want to see it, when will it be on?
My sentiments exactly mb - when is the show going to end - we got all the advertisement bombarded on us with excitement that it was coming then months later still no appearance - I can only hope that the disappointment that NINE has provided in the long delay doesnt flow to the show.
I saw all the promos for this show, and was waiting for it to start....did it start at all? Did it finish? How many episodes actually went to air???? It actually looked like sensible advice and fun to watch. What happened? Did the politically correct lobbyists pull the pin??? Can we PLEASE have this show on air?????
When is the show going to be on? We have been waiting for ages.
This show has been promoted for ages now. I was really, really keen to watch it, but I'm just wondering, exactly what YEAR will Nine be showing it?