The Big Bang Theory
"The Workplace Proximity"
Amy tells Sheldon that she will be working on an experiment at Caltech near him and asks Sheldon how he feels about that. Read More
The Big Bang TheorySneak Peek
After Amy ruins one of Sheldon's favorite movies, Raiders of the Lost Ark, he gets defensive, seeking revenge.
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The Big Bang TheorySimon Helberg
Simon Helberg plays Howard, we caught up with the talented actor to discover some insider secrets on upcoming storylines
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The Big Bang Theory

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Mon 21 Apr 07:30 PM

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30 mins
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House Husbands: A Message From Firass DiraniHouse Husbands: A Message From Firass Dirani
User comments
people like to watch charlie sheen. Why not put him on ASAP
not enuf of big bang. 9 is a bad station for not showing episodes only repeats. I guess its too complicated for Edie Mcguire to comprehend.???
this is what they want .to drive us away from free to air tv and on to pay tv.
-LindyLou The season has already finished. There aren't any new episodes to show until the 6th season starts in the US in late September.
Seriously, no one except the most hardcore fans are inclined to watch the same episode more than three times a year, let alone the 15 or so times a year the old Big bang and Top Gear episodes are re-run. So what the frell is the point? If anyone wanted to watch it that many times they'd buy it on DVD sheesh. At the same time you never show more than three or four new episodes in a row before going back to frelling re-runs which no one watches because they've already seen them 10 times. And of course new episodes always re-emerge at a different timeslot on a different day, usually about 2 weeks after you promise new episodes, its no wonder Nine's ratings are in the toilet. When you refuse to show full series runs of popular shows, continuously bombard us with re-runs of recent shows, good and bad, and have hardly any family content at all. Whatever happened to the family dramas which were nine's drawcard, lost in a sea of "reality" rubbish and 20 cop shows a week.
All three episodes tonight on channel 9 Tuesday 3 July are repeats. Enough is enough. Bring on the new episodes.
The guy is sitting in Sheldon's spot on the couch
I'm learning to do without nines programs after the treatment of the big bang theory. I and many of my friends are disgusted at the way their time slot is altered repeatedly, also showing old episodes several times over. Yet you promote constantly a garbage program Hamish and Andy. This would be the worst T V show I've ever seen.I am a music teacher and I'm always amazed and heartened at the popularity of T B T amongst Years 7 to 12 pupils
Thanks Chanel 9 for all the BS advertising on all new Big Bang I'm sick of tuning in only to find out it's a REEEEEPEAAAAT!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, why can't you guys just play the full season in order WITHOUT REPEATS OF OLD SHOWS shoved in between?
Sick of ads for new BBT episodes to find out repeats are on. Gave up on last season and bought it. Figure out what night you want ratings and stop stuffing the fans around!

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@Channel9 My favourite show is definitely The Block :)@JaimeeJuju, 21/04/2014