Underbelly episode seven: 'Full Force Gale'

In episode seven of Underbelly, following street dealer Talal Assaad's unexpected death, John Ibrahim finds everything he's worked for threatened by the prospect of a criminal conviction. While the main suspect Russell Townsend remains in hiding, Constable Wendy Jones tries to convince John to cooperate.

John knows that all he has to do is tell Joe Dooley that Russell hit the guy too hard, it was an accident. But that would mean betraying a friend in a world where loyalty is an important commodity.

Kim Hollingsworth tests the loyalty of her new boyfriend Michael by allowing fellow prostitute Galina to proposition him. When faced with the dazzling Galina, Michael predictably fails the test and Kim swiftly dumps him. Galina and Melissa blame Kim for ruining a perfectly good thing on purpose.

Debbie Webb joins the Fraud Squad in an effort to save her career. Unfortunately her whistle-blower reputation precedes her and she is snubbed, not even allocated a partner. Debbie finds romance and support in one colleague, Greg Locke, who offers her advice and support in dealing with the fraud squad dinosaurs.

Debbie documents the corrupt ways of the Fraud Squad in her duty book and gets a disinterested Superintendent Dennis Kelly to unwittingly sign it. But true to form, Dennis manoeuvres out of yet another tight spot, by reporting Debbie's police corruption complaint to Internal Affairs. And life finally seems to be looking up for Debbie, when she and Greg Locke cement their relationship as friends and lovers by becoming husband and wife.

The songs of episode seven:

  • 'Bombora' by The Atlantics
  • 'Yangtze' by Jiang Li
  • 'The International Society of Bad Dancers' by Jackson Jackson
  • 'Shimmys Intro' by The Shimmys
  • 'Shocking' by Matt Hill
  • 'Freeze Trance' by Barrie Gledden, Peter Shand and Tom Quick
  • 'Candle and Firelight' by Tim Garland
  • 'Baby, Won't You Be My Baby Tonight' by The Cheats
  • 'Funky Rhomboid' by Tim Garland
  • 'Scotland the Brave' by Duncan Pittock
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