Michael Corby on Smoking Drugs

In this extract from Schapelle Corby: The Hidden Truth, brother Michael talks about smoking drugs, and laughs off rumours that everyone can score off the Corby's.

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I think in the case where there is no truth we must support her innocence. I am reading that a lot of people believe after watching her families interviews that Schapelle may not be innocent however I think her family is just very uneducated.
No, not Schapelle, or any of the Corby's. People who can watch stuff like this, and believe it. People professing Schapelle's innocence from watching one thing, and then after turning around and watching another, claiming the first 'tricked them'. Did it occur to you this could be 'tricking you'? You cannot believe anything the media presents to you. it is manipulated and edited in such ways that you are made to see a certain view. In this case, that Schapelle is guilty. It makes me sick. Unless you know every aspect of her life, you do not know nothing about whether she is guilty or not, and you have no right whatsoever to judge her. If you are gullible enough to believe anything the Television says, than how you will react when it tells you to go jump off a bridge? Im not saying she is innocent, nor am I saying she is guilty. I am saying that she is a victim of over extreme media scrutiny, and no one should be imprisoned unless proven, without reasonable doubt, guilty.
When I first watched Ganje Queen in the US I was convinced of Schappelle's innocence. However, once I learned more about the family and especially about the statements by Malcolm McCauley explaining how the bribery system works at the Bali airport, suddenly her guilt was clear. What made me think she was innocent before was the whole notion of how could anyone be so stupid as to transport kilos of pot ina clear unlocked bag to a country that gives the death sentence. It's clear to me that she did what she did because she and the rest of the family had become overconfident. Also, has anyone else noticed brother Michael's slip here when he says "Schappelle got caught"? That's not the kind of phrasing you would use for someone totally innocent as the family claims.
When I first watched Ganja Queen, I was fascinated by Schappelle Corby and feeling deeply saddened by her and wanting to help her. Hah! What a trap! I suppose I wasn't the only one who fell for her and her clever family (Jon Howard?) Amusingly, every American and Canadian who will soon be gripped by this "touching" documentary will be pulling for a common criminal. You see, as Americans, we love rooting for the underdogs. And we love for the hot girl to win. And we love drama. And most of all we are fearful of all things air travel because of the fearmongering of the Bush Administration. If anyone knows where I could watch the entire "Hidden Truth" doc, I would love to see it. Cheers from America, Matthew
I live in Gladstone, been here for 5 years or so, but I was talking to some of the locals and every single comment back to me was "It's a known fact that if you wanted to score around the place that you just had to go to the Corby's fish n chip shop" maybe they should of interviewed some of the local smokers. As for for Michael and Mr Corby i think they only made things worse but how quickley the Corby's turned and bit the hand that fed them, as far as Im concered they are an ungrateful bunch.
Shapelles clearly a risk taker for higher profits than she can get in Oz, or she'd never have previously worked in mens bars in Tokyo? The whole family are well known for their antisocial behaviour
I saw the documentary here in America on HBO last week. I thought that she was not guilty for the most part, but wondered if someone else in the Corby family may have been the guilty party. Apparently, the version of the documentary airing in the US is greatly edited. I wonder if I had seen the entire film as shown in Australia if I would feel differently. Her family ceratinly isn't doing her any favors by speaking out. The more I learn about the family and their pasts the more I doubt her innocence. I think the wrong Corby is in jail, but who really knows? I would love to learn the truth.
If you were traveling to Indonesia would you plastic wrap your luggage? Why? The plastic wrapping was introduced because of WHAT happened to Schapelle not because of WHAT she did. Please read "legal assessment" on www.schapelle.net a intelligent and comprehensive report on the breaches of Indonesian and UN International Rights made during Schapelles Trial. Its quite the horror story and yes it could happen to YOU. Its a UK website and only about 3 months old. The rest of the world is slowly becoming aware of Schapelles plight and are extremely concerned for her. Generally speaking the Australian Public has been saturated to the point of being brain washed by gossip, innuendo, muck racking and blatant lies by the media. I am so very grateful that now the documentary has been viewed in the UK and US and that Schapelle is finally getting much needed international support. Its a great pity that Australia has lost the plot on this one.
mirza, are you serious? You have no clue that she is guilty, and I would bet anything she is not. It's a sham.
I just watched the documentary. How sad for Schapelle and her family. 9.7 pounds of marijuana and you're eligible for the death penalty in Indonesia? Wait, what??? Is she supposed to feel "lucky" that she ONLY got 20 years? I'd rather be dead than live in such squalor! There is no way she did any of this. You'd have to be the Village Idiot to transport drugs in such a blatant way.This is so stupid, it is difficult to formulate an idea and write it down. This just reaffirms why countries like Bali are so archaic, backwards, corrupt and have such harsh sentences - whether someone is innocent OR GUILTY- while their own people are selling heroin and ecstasy on the street and walking free. Doesn't Bali thrive on TOURISM? This will surely increase travel there.HA! Billboards saying "Go to Bali-end up in prison for something you didn't do." I travel extensively and haven't been to Bali, and now it is one place I'll never set foot on. I hope the monster who did this dies a slow death.

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