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Sydney: five years from now. There has been no rain in the catchments for 247 days. Warragamba Dam, Sydney's main source of water, is at its lowest level in recorded history. The state government has built a 250-megalitre desalination plant to "drought-proof" the city. At least, that was the promise.

David Langmore (Cameron Daddo) is the state operations commander for the National Fire Service (NFS). He rises on Christmas Eve to find that a combination of sustained drought, extreme weather conditions and lightning strikes has created a nightmare scenario — the worst bushfire conditions imaginable. Even with his years of experience, he is unprepared for what is about to unfold — and he knows that what goes down today will rest firmly on his shoulders.

Susan Shapiro (Rachael Carpani), a TV news journalist, has sensed that this day was coming. She has been trying to get to the heart of Sydney's water crisis for months. But like David Langmore, she could never have imagined how the day's events would involve her personally, nor how she would be caught up in the revelation of secret deals underpinning Sydney's water management and electricity supplies.

Michael Francia (Vince Colosimo), a doctor in accident and emergency, is also feeling the heat from very early in the day. The air in the city's west is thick with smoke and he is struggling to keep on top of the growing number of respiratory admissions. If Michael thought going to work would deliver some breathing space from the tension at home, he was mistaken. Dealing with Emily (Kathryn Beck), his teenage daughter from a previous marriage, is a breeze compared to the crises that come pouring through the hospital doors.

By midday on Christmas Eve, the entire city is ringed by huge bushfires burning out of control. Mother Nature is on the warpath. A state of emergency is declared.

Premier Angela Boardman (Georgie Parker) is a woman whose career — like the city itself — is teetering on the brink of disaster. It depends on the successful management of the bushfire crisis. But this is made increasingly difficult as secret deals she has done, and bad decisions she has made, begin to emerge.

Despite calls for calm, panic rises. More and more suburbs succumb to the flames. The city's infrastructure groans under the pressure. Power lines melt. Communications go down. Hospitals are running on generators with limited fuel and there is barely any water in the fire hoses to fight the fires. In the wash-up, hundreds of people have lost their lives and thousands have lost their homes. And the allocation of responsibility provides no comfort for those who have lost loved ones and everything they owned.

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Victoria was "scorched" today - 8th Feb 09, so the movie is not so unbelievable as some have said. Some of the acting might not be brilliant, but some was. Anyway, I much prefer this type of TV entertainment to all the "reality TV" show rubbish that's around nowadays.
Well done to Channel Nine and the cast and producers of the show. I thought it was an entertaining show. While I acknowldege everyone is entitled to their opinions lets just remember the show is basically meant to be entertainment NOT factual. The premise used in the show - water shortage, long spells of very hot dry conditions coupled with either dry lightening strikes or careless people with matches or cigarettes and we could very well face a nightmare like premise used in the show.
Just watched it (we recorded it). I LOVED it, absolutely hilarious. It has to be a massive p*sstake. It had it all, the hammiest, worst "acting" I have ever seen outside a soccer match, the dumb-as-a-rock crims nicking water (making a huge $9.35 profit!!), the cheesy third rate camera-work, the stupidest lines imaginable, the dumb bimbo, the dumb himbo, the corrupt pollie, the utterly unbelievable 'Godzilla' storyline... I could go on but I won't. It is a screamingly camp, complete p*sstake on the Greenies. Even more deliciously, those bedwetters of the apocalpse take it SERIOUSLY!
You know it's a complete debacle when Cameron Daddo is, by several furlongs, the most convincing performer in this porridge. How bad can Australian drama get - a year's worth of slow-mo shots to tell you something serious is happening, endless filler of archive shots of fires, the usual misunderstood runaway kid, the noble sacrifice of the ambitious young reporter and her bogan cameraman in the cause of (yawn) newsgathering, and the soap opera exposure of an evil politician at a press conference. Why bother with anything novel or well-written when there's a big box of cliches to dump on the public?
I just finished watching and I thought it was great, fantastic acting and you never know it could happen. Well done channel 9.
awful awful show, easily the worst australian drama i've ever watched. when this climate change baloney is confined to the dustbin of history 'Scorched' will have great comedy value, I predict it will be a cult classic in twenty years because of it's absolute stupidity.
What a pot of ***! I have never seen a more over played peice of nonsense in my life. The Fire Commanders tells the Premier that 10,000 homes will be lost and she just shruggs!! Can you believe it, it has no basis in reality. The script contained heaps of jargon that quite obviously, the actors and writers had no idea what the words really meant, eg Section 44. Are these guy for real I have never seen an alarm going off when a Section 44 is being declared! In additon apparently the highest ranking person in the NFS is a Superindentent. It was simply rediculous and unbelievable. Do not get suckered into thinking this is anything like real life..
i think they all did wonderfully last night, a very good show i was intrigued the moment it started. Georgie Parker was a ***...who would've thought. she did excellent. and Rachel Carpani was marvellous, as always. keep up the good work Channel 9. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Excellent show channel Nine, pity is was just Sydney focused, unfortunately dirty politics played a part in that fictional catastrophe!. Unfortunately again, Bill was in the state that Nine's excellent show 'Underbelly' was banned, he might have a different view on Nine if watched it.
Not sure what Bill was watching but that was one on Nines best

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