The Critic: Alan Saunders

Alan Saunders, features in the latest seriesThe Chopping Block, he has been recognised for his contribution made to the cultural life in Australia as a broadcaster and writer on the subject of food and/or wine.

Born and educated in London, Alan Saunders has a BA in Philosophy from the University of Leicester and Logic and Scientific Method from the London School of Economics. He came to Australia in 1981 to pursue research at the History of Ideas Unit, Australian National University and was awarded his Ph.D. in 1989. In 1985 he was a Frances Yates Fellow of the Warburg Institute, University of London.

Alan Saunders joined the ABC Science Unit in 1987 and inaugurated The Food Program which was broadcast weekly until 1997 when he became presenter of The Comfort Zone.

During 1991 Alan Saunders was co-presenter of Screen, Radio National's weekly program about film and television. He made frequent appearances on Livewire and worked on Meridian, a review of the humanities, from 1995 to 1997. He contributed film reviews to Radio National's Breakfast Program from 1991 to 2000.

In 1992, Alan Saunders was awarded the Geraldine Pascall Prize "in recognition of the distinguished contribution made by the recipient to the cultural life in Australia as a broadcaster and writer on the subject of food and/or wine."

Alan Saunders writes regularly on food for Good Weekend. He has been a columnist for the 'Good Living" supplement to The Sydney Morning Herald, The Bulletin,City Weekly, Australian Way, The Australian Financial Review Magazine, Food Australia and Modern Times, and a record reviewer for New Woman.

User comments
she went to trade school for two years and is the best c0ook
Guys, i am working in hospitality for ten years and think Alan is a positive critic who shows people room for improvement rather than just blabbing about what they are doing wrong.
Guys if you come near any restaurant I open you will never be welcome there. You have no idea what makes a restaurant tick... Maybe your chef is the only one who does he is qualified! You are not! Work in a restaurant environment and experience the pressure and demands and stop taking the *** out of hard working and honest people.
Alan Saunders is perfect in this role. He is growly, erudite, very perceptive about food and he is also threatening in the manner a critic should be. I'm sure he doesn't expect to be liked. Nevertheless he deals with bumbling incompetence with politeness and civility when many would cast a withering glare and lay on the sarcasm. In fact I'd probably enjoy him more if he was more cutting. He is a gourmet and gourmand and has the look of one. But I wont hold that against him. Davo
Food critic my *** !!!!!! get rid of Alan Saunders he is ruining a great show i am getting to the stage where i dont want to watch it, especially when *** like the Cantina owner wins over decent people. The Cantina bloke is so arrogant his restaurant food will revert back to his so called great menu later and i bet you he will be bust before too long, his poor wife is definitely long suffering. To the Ouzo 88 team all the best to you and if i ever come to Sydney i will definitley come and eat there Tori
After watching the show for a few weeks now I finally have to say how much I cannot stand the new critic! Last seasons critic was witty and really enjoyable to watch. Alan Saunders however is like watching a Troll... he is uninteresting, arrogant (for what reason I am not sure?) and looks rather unhealthy. You can do better Channel 9!!!
I like the program but is he (Alan Saunders) really a food critic? Maybe we all can call us that but I saw him in a Catalyst program where he was acting in the capacity of psychopath! Is he just an actor claiming to be something else?
First off, i really like the show and I do watch from time to time, i just have a few sad things to say. I think you should perhaps look for a new critic on the next series! I've seen your so call food expert at a few functions lately and the food served at these functions was barely C grade quality, but this surely didn't seem to worry your expert critic, he was digging down like a pig in.....he really seemed to be in his element!! I think maybe he would be better served rating pubs in Berwick or Geelong!!!!! If i've seen him like this i wonder how many others have. Regards, Michael.

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