Shelley Craft

Q&A with Shelley Craft

    Full name: Shelley Lorraine De Billinghurst Craft
    Nickname(s): Muggins (Dad still calls me that)
    Birthday: 21/6/76
    Place of birth: Brisbane
    Parents: Sally and Mike
    Siblings: Jacqui, Mark and Scott
    Hobbies: Learning to surf, skiing, horse riding, playing with my two boxer dogs, Beau and Jackson.
    Musicians: Matchbox 20, U2, Pearl Jam, Augie March, Xavier Rudd.
    TV shows: Underbelly, Cashmere Mafia, Grey's Anatomy
    Actors: George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Edward Norton.
    Actresses: Reese Witherspoon, Kate Hudson.
    Colours: Denim blue and cream.
    Books: Guns, Germs and Steel
    Country: That is a tough one ... Canada, Italy and Chile.
    Food: All food — meat.
    Season: Winter

What is something that people would be surprised to know about you?
I am not very good with crowds of people, especially at functions or events.

Who is/are your role model/s and why?
Anyone who is true to themselves.

If you could have any super power, what would it be?
I would love the super power of strength.

Since I first started working on AFHV the one thing I've learned is that...
It is ok to laugh at other people misfortunes, in public! Everybody's doing it!

Favourite type of funny video:
Animal videos

My favourites:
Hot or cold? Cold weather / hot food
Black or white? Black
Day or night? Day
Dress-up or casual? Casual
City or country? Country
Up early or sleep in? Sleep in
Sweet or sour? Sweet
Horror or comedy? Comedy
Noisy or quiet? Quiet
Sun or snow? Snow
Shower or bath? Shower
Theatre or film? Film
Dark or light? Light

Message for your fans? And action ... smile!

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User comments
Hi there, Really wanted to know what the name of the dress that Shelley Craft was wearing tonight on Funniest Home Videos by Rebecca Thompson? I'd like to try and find one similar but would need the style name. Really hoping you can help me. Thanks Kate
Hey Shelley I believe it's been around 15 years that I've been a fan of yours. I just like to say that you are an amazing and beautiful woman who just keeps getting better looking over the year. You have really pretty eyes and a loveley smile. You are a really good host on AFHVS. A really valued tv persanality over the years. I love you and you are just simply beyond compare. Keep up the good work and the sunshine will always be there when you smile for you are the sunshine in not only part of my tv life but all the viewers out there too. Be cool to meet you one day.
Hi shelly, i love the way you look on tv! whoever dressed you for the show, she or he did a great job! i love every single dress you had on on the AFHV!!sometime i watched the show just to look at your dress! they're beautiful and looked so perfect on you!!
Great choice on a book. I am just a fan, keep doing what you are doing.
I've seen the show ever since I was little and have always loved it! I remember I went to see the finale last year and I absolutely loved it! I'm hoping I can go again this year (or even meet you in person). Lex
Hi there i enjoy both funniest home videos and domestic blitz. All you guys do a great job. Your smile always makes me smile which i love. I notice your super power would be strength, as a personal trainer i can get that super power for you. Chat soon Cheers.
I must say. i have watched AFHVS since the early days. (Jackie McDonald)i think was the host, and ive seen em come and go. I gotta say you'd have to be my fave. Lov the eyes, the smile, the hair, the clothes, the laugh and the knees.. Do you know what CRAFT stands for. I think it's "Forgetfulness" Hope to get to a show one day. I'll look forward to that.. C ya
Hi Shelley, I think that you are one of the loveliest people I have seen on TV. I would really like to see that in person one day. Keep smiling that beautiful smile as it makes my day that much more brighter
Hi Shelly You have to be one of the nicest lady's I have seen. Your Beautiful inside and out so you just be yourself as your making the world a better place. Gio
Has Channel 9 got a sustainability policy at all? I had hoped Channel 9 would use its influence to make more positive choices in its giveaways - 4WDs send the wrong message