First Prize:
$150,000 Cash all thanks to Kids Smart! For growing healthy Kids.

Second Prize
Your choice of TWO 4WD, all thanks to Mitsubishi. Love that car!

Third Prize
$30,000 all thanks to Milky Way!

All New Aussie Clips
$500 all thanks to Milky Way!

User comments
hi i was wondering if they annouced who won the harry potter lego competition yet?? if so who won it??
what are you doing can i be on it
I missed the Harry Potter competition number. Can you send me the Number?
what was the number i use to sms my details for this comp?
Hi, I was too slow to note down the phone number for the Harry Potter Lego competition on the Funniest Home Videos just aired. Would you be bale to send me the number please ? Thanks Lynne
How do i send in my funniest home video?
i was laughing so hard i missed the number i need to call to vote for the best semi-finals clip... what is it?
so we have to send in a video to have a chance in winning?
I would like to vote, but I didn't get the number to SMS my vote thanks Eileen
Hi all, can you please send me the phone number to register a vote for the 4 wekly finalists. Many thanks Gazza