Send in your funny videos

Please send your clip to:
Locked Bag 9999
Crows Nest
NSW 2065

Please include your name, address, telephone number and $5 (cash, cheque or money order) if you wish to have your tape returned.

Please note: We are only able to accept clips in VHS, MiniDV, DVD video, DVD-ROM and CD-ROM formats. We cannot accept USB entries or entries via email, however if you wish to upload your video please read our SkyDrive video submission information page.

If you are sending a video on DVD-ROM or CD-ROM, it must be in AVI format and saved in full resolution (720 by 576 at 25 frames per second) for broadcasting purposes. Please ensure your computer editing program's project settings are PAL (625/50) upper field first and not NTSC (525/60).

If you have any queries about the above entry format requirement or about any other aspect of the show, visit our frequently asked questions page for some very speedy answers!

User comments
hi there i have a funny video on my i-phone and i was just wondering if i have to change anything on it? like the resolution or anything like that? thankss
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can i e-mail my video in???
hi how do i send video over the internet?
hi my name is charlie .. i have a few vidios of a wild magpie which i took off my mobile fone ..i now have got them on my pc to keep .. but ide like to send a couple of them in to you as thease are very funny as this is a wild bird i dont want to go on with it but one morning i was going to town .. and the magpie turned up he dident want me to go he threw a tantrem like a spoiled child you would have to see this to bealeave it ..ive never seen that kind of behaveiour in anny wild bird before .. please let me know if its worth sending in to you and what kind of format would you like it on thank you regards charlie
I have a video I would like to send in that I have taken on my Nokia phone. Are you able to view this.
Hi, My video i want to send in is 1280x720, now i know you have specific resolution settings on your site for us to enter but who would know how to change it? I have used 3 different programs and none of them have that resolution as a selection. Surely Channel 9's DVD player will downscale it to play on TV if send it in? Is that resolution just a minimim for TV so anything above that will be fine. Look forward to your response, Cheers - Chris
I sent in a video 3 weeks ago. I think I forgot to give you my phone number on my accompanying letter, you have my address though. Will you contact me by mail if it is successful or should I send it in again ?
have a clip on mpeg4 on a disc is that ok to send in it plays on computer ok .
hi i have a video its in avi format but the resolution is 320x240 at 15 frames per second. how can i change it to 720x576 at 25 frames per second. thanks jason

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