Jason Sullivan

Jason Sullivan

Style: traditional, earthy, spiritual, with an industrial edge
Age: 37
Hometown: Sydney, New South Wales

Single and sexy Jason Sullivan is the only homeMADE designer with no formal training in interior design. But with nearly 20 years' experience as an international model, and having lived in Paris, London, Milan, New York, Rome and Los Angeles, he has been exposed to some of the most stylish design the world has to offer.

Over the years his passion for design has overtaken his desire to hit the catwalk and while he has only been working as an interior designer part-time for one year this is his new vocation and he is determined to give homeMADE his best shot.

"I knew I needed a career change when I started turning up for modelling jobs and I'd be asked by the receptionist if I was the photographer," he said. "When I heard about Homemade I had to apply. I thought it would be a great way to show my creativity or lack of, thus either jump-starting or miserably ending my already short career in interior design."

As a model, Jason has appeared in Real Living magazine but he plans to make his houses feature in magazines — and soon. "I'll do what it takes to win. Blood, sweat or tears. I'm 37 so I've got to get it happening quickly."

He describes his style as traditional, earthy and a little bit spiritual. "Traditional is the opposite of modern. It's comfy. I believe the home should be the sanctuary. I don't like modern. It's stark and not homely. I like my clients to be comfortable."

Do you have a design-related question for Jason? E-mail your question to designers@ninemsn.com.au and we'll be picking the best of the bunch for Jason to answer.

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User comments
I knew you could do it... your style, design and originality was marvellous!! I enjoyed your work and learnt from it, so happy for you. Congrats Jason.
you won HOMEMADE every one in my house whated you to win because you did the best designs EVER. YOU ARE THE BEST EVER YOU RULE
congrats jason! tgis is a well deserved win for u... ur persevarance, calm & organised nature & the sense of colours and creativity are amazing! i loved the gesture when u opted to take the responsibility during Leonie's elimination... what a wonderful group u both were to work ...& c u working... thanks for providing such a positive competing experience for ur viewers.. Well done! U deserve the Best... the houses that u make r out of my reach but surely believe they are everyones dream houses... I will like my house to be designed by u or by ur clone( doubt if there is any one that exists...)!!!
Although I know you, (Ange and Brooke are my nieces too),I must say you are one of the most talented people I have ever seen. You have so much depth and imagination, (im not being biased by the way). Congratulations on a very deserved win. All the very best for the future. Julie
Congratulations!! You were my favorite all the way though.. i loved your designs and style! I loved the show and wanna see if next years winner can come anywhere close to you!
Well done Jason - a most deserving winner! It brought me close to tears to see someone who came across as such a good hearted, grounded and lovely human being take out the prize. You have a fabulous talent and seem so open to those around you. If only the world had more people like you in it - you've really made me think... and want to be a better person - you were inspirational - that is a talent in itself! I wish you all the best in your career and in your life. Keep laughing!
Congratulations Jason , you did a great job. You are clearly a work of art yourself looking that good .. I think you would make a nice addition to my house ,,, Just hang you on the wall.... Fine Art Just Joking, you did a fantastic job. I almost want to paint something...almost Lynette
Congratulations Jason, I'm happy for you! Wishing you happiness and best wishes on your journey. I'm similar in age, you have inspired me and have made me see that it is never too late to follow a dream and make it come true. As Walt Disney once said, 'If you can dream it, you can do it'
Congratulation Jason. I wasn't serious in watching this competition untill one day Leonni and you pair up and, lost to Jason, Chontelle and Darren. I was so mad so mad with the judges and the owner of the house. I love both of your design. Not only that, the charactor and intergrity in both of you. I knew you are going to be the champion of home made since then. First time checking on your profile.... totally agreed with your style, traditional, earthly and a little of spiritual. Confy is the key word. HAte modern! I have got a pretty nice and quite a big(my own definitaion) Edwardian house. I am inspired by you and hope you can come over to do a facelife but i know is impossible. Well, I am prepared to follow your steps or signature or???? to do something to my house. Again, all the best in your future.
Congratulations on your win Jason. I just knew you would make it although you had tough competition. You are very creative and have an eye for detail as well as being easy on the eye! All the very best in the future.