Saskia Burmeister (Lieutenant Nikki Caetano)

Saskia Burmeister (Lieutenant Nikki Caetano)

Saskia Burmeister first graced international film screens in the Australian bushranger film Ned Kelly opposite the late Heath Ledger.

Her recent film credits include the critically acclaimed feature The Jammed, based on a true story of human trafficking in suburban Melbourne. The film was a surprise hit at the box office and was recognised with numerous Inside Film nominations in 2007.

Most recently, Saskia has worked on the independent feature Storage, shot in Brisbane, due for theatrical release later this year. Her other credits include the comic AC/DC homage Thunderstruck , the 2002 thriller The Pact, and perhaps most popular, her role as Erika Yurken in the film based on the much loved book, Hating Alison Ashley opposite actress-singer Delta Goodrem.

Her TV credits include three seasons of the Channel Nine hit TV drama series Sea Patrol, the Network Ten's AFI award-winning children's series Wicked Science, the US production The Junction Boys, Jewboy and Blue Heelers, which earned her a 2006 Australian Film Institute Award for Best Guest or Supporting Actress in a Television Drama.

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User comments
hi... my name is john blore, i live in the NT with my mum dad and sister. my fav charecter is Nikki or NAV i wish she was on. but her contract ran out. sea patrol should renew it. i havr been researching you for along time and i was just wnting to know when will nikki come back on. it want be as good without her. i love everyone on HMAS Hammersley and i wish i could come to cairns and see the boat for my self and meet the cast. i have donated some money and i hope it help. thank you... john blore...
DEAR THE HAMMERSLY CREW!! i LOVE sea patrol its the best show ever i dont care what any one else thinks ur the best and i hope that you will be filming alot more of sea patrol in the near future. i loved it so.. much i got all of the sea patrols on DVD, IM so.. sorry about ETs death and i beleived you when you said that he was murded and WISH i could be on the boat with you. at some piont but i dont think that will happen... im so.. glad that the ROBINSINES were put out of buisness. THAT BOB FULTON GUY.... HE LOOKED BAD WHEN I FIRST SAW HIM in the second season of SEA patrol. it made me CRY when ET DIEd just hering you cry put me in tires.. i wish i could be there with YOU AND THE crew of HMAS HAMMERSLY. im aiming to go to the navy when i finish school. i hope to be a NAV just like you or like robert... RO your the best and i hope to meat you some day... hopefully very soon.. LOVE you all.. (lieutnent Nikki Caetano)XOXOX LOVe JOHN BLORE... XOXO
You are one of my favorite actresses ever you play nav(nikki cateno) really well i feel so sorry for her that et (josh holiday) died they were so good together i hope that she does solve how he died.LOve you