The real HMAS Hammersley

The vessel Armidale Class Patrol Boat that serves as home for the Sea Patrol Crew.

As in season two, the vessel is an Armidale Class Patrol Boat measuring 56.8 metres and weighing 305 tonnes. The vessel is armed with a Raphael Typhoon 25 mm naval stabilised deck gun and two 12.7mm machine guns.

Fourteen of these vessels have been acquired under a prime contract with Defence Maritime Services.

The Armidale Class Patrol Boats are built from conventional welded aluminium alloy. The vessels are crewed by 21 personnel and accommodate 29, with 2, 3, and 4 berth cabins. Separate additional accommodation for up to 20 people also exists.

The Armidale Class Patrol boats conduct all tasks up to the top of sea state 4 (2.5m waves). They conduct key surveillance tasks up to sea state 5 (4m waves.) They can operate at a continuous speed of 25 knots in sea state 4 for 24 hours and are capable of being deployed for up to 90 days. A normal surveillance mission is 42 days.

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