Auction action: the hammer falls on The Block

After three grueling months The Block goes under the hammer. Take an exclusive sneek peek at last night’s auction and meet the hopeful bidders.

Last night the normally relaxed atmosphere at Vaucluse House Tea Rooms turned to nail biting tension as the auctioneers took their post. After months of dedicated hard work the four couples watched on as the hammer decided their fate.

The bidders were a mixed bag, each one of them keen to snap up some Block history. From secondary school teachers to interior designers and even a dentist, the competition was on.

For the savvy investor the appeal of The Block apartments was that they came ready-furnished for swift turn around into the rental market. Although some bidders present planned to reside at the address. So which was the favourite?

Mark and Duncan’s apartment was the hot ticket for bidders looking to invest in rental property (this was largely due to the double garage and cleaver use of living space).

Surprisingly, a young family was keen to win Jake and Erin’s apartment preferring the interior design and harbour views to other lots.

Not so surprising was that Neisha and John’s apartment was closely followed by a couple looking to start a family; the outdoor entertaining area and ready-furnished children’s room were a perfect fit.

Chez and Brenton’s city-style apartment was being followed closely by an older, local couple looking to downsize.

Despite the nerves and excitement the four couples appeared happy and relaxed as they mingled with friends, family and bidders at an exclusive pre-auction cocktail party.

There was a surprise celebrity auctioneer (to find out who, watch The Block, tonight at 7.30pm) and the quote of the evening came from the auctioneer himself. “She has the keys, all you have is the brochure,” he bellowed in an effort to entice bidding. The rest, as they say is history.

To find out who won don’t miss the series final auction special, tonight on The Block at 7:30pm.

View our exclusive auction video.

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User comments
I could not believe it when they set the reserves and John and Neishas apartment was about the same price as the others. It was so obvious that it was worth at least $150,000 more with that huge courtyard. Whoever got that apartment was sure to win, no matter how they decorated it. I would like to know which real estate agents set the reserves and how many appraisals they got. They were just so far off. This has happened before on the block. The people without courtyards got nothing. Next time they need to get a few different real estate agents who know what they are doing to value them and set the reserves. Anyway I loved the two tradies, they are great guys. Channel Nine should give them there own show.
In reply to dansterooni the song used at the end was 'surface of the sun' by John Murphy!!
congrats to neisha and john well done .. i only have one comment as i had not seen the first 2 series of the block i thought that the contestants would receive the profits from their units ie the original purchase price of the block plus renovation cost less the room wins.. so then the contestants would be rewarded and not ch9... that only seems fair but when are money making machines like ch9 fair ?????
I didnt expect gays, M or F, to be on all 3 series of the block, excluding the gay, bald judge. 2 was going well, but you would think that atleast one gay farmer wouldve applied and been accepted to be on The Farmer wants a Wife, when they had 2, now 3 tpken girls?? I know theres a few out there and plenty city queens willing to visit. I guess Ch9 dont think thats appropriate in a family time slot. Us gays are only good to build a room or judge it - heaven forbid we have an innocent kiss - the country raised on the sheeps back would collapse, lol??!! Even Gay or Straight, a local oz version, of a dating reality show was banished to late night by Ch9. Get with the program Ch9 and dont just use token gays, when it suits you. Have the guts to make a hard call and stand by it, instead of repetitive, USA style sanitised fairy floss for robotic idiots or biggots. And yes, the Block shouldve had a 3rd or female judge, not just for equality, but a feminine balanced perspective.
I cant believe his inexperience, incompetence or inability to adjust his approach for the way the auction went and string it out longer. Its not his fault if theres no bids or a buyer, but he certainly didnt help things. They mustve really hated Chez at the agency she worked at as a temp swap from melb during the show, to get him. He worked with her!!!!!!! Obviously he wasnt good enough to be kept on by Mark Bouris after the 1 year, $200K contract. Nothing is fair in real estate - you dont always get what you deserve or what the fair market value is - sometimes heaps more, or heaps less, even when identical properties are sold on the same day or closely. Its all down to what they buyer will pay on the day, and competition doesnt guarantee a high price either. I do agree the bitchy, whiney Chez and downtrodden Brent shouldve atleast been given the car, as a consolation prize. Also, why can A Current Affair show shonky tradies faces, but the Block couldnt, let alone name him?????????
IVE READ EVERY COMMENT - These contestants are not your personal friends and dont give a damn about you, so dont be so offended and so concerned about them and take it all so seriously and personally. - Its a reality show, edited for effect. Theres been cheats and losers in all 3 seasons of The Block - thats life, real estate, reality and ratings - get over it. ALL contestants broke the rules, in some way, even if only slightly, but funny how a secret cam was only put in Erin and Jakes place? What if this invasion of privacy had occurred in all apts., what would have shown up?? I guess the producers listened to the back stabbing and complaints. - Series 2 had fizzled prices also. No one just deserves to win, regardless of how nice they are, or how hard they worked. It's a game. I was on Perfect Match on Ch10 in 1990 and because my show wasnt aired, i never got a wallet prize. The station couldnt even spring for that,seeing there was no advertising for the sponsor.I paid for a tuxedo
Both are nasty "COWS"- except Erin's more sneaky and Chez is more whiney. No wonder gutless Brenton took so long to propose - he was scared, LOL Congrats to the honest, deserving, working class winners, Neisha and John Get some real "bitchy" queens or dykes for the next series, or kill 2 birds with 1 stone and get a gay farmer couple?
Both are nasty "COWS"- except Erin's more sneaky and Chez is more whiney. No wonder gutless Brenton took so long to propose - he was scared, LOL Congrats to the honest, deserving, working class winners, Neisha and John Get some real "bitchy" queens or dykes for the next series, or better still - kill 2 birds with 1 stone and get a gay farmer couple?
Erin & Jake I just love your work! I think the other couples were intimidated by you from your first win. There was no hiding the snide looks and comments from the others every week. It soon became the underlying theme of the series to have the other three couples gathering in support of each other and showing artificial enthusiasm at your wins. I don't support deception, however, I think the painting issue may have been more innocent than it appeared and sending Jakes brother in to talk to the others was done more in jest than to deceive. Rules are rules, which I know you agree with, so it was fair to be ruled out of that weeks judging, lucky for them by the way because you would clearly have won. You won the car because you were voted the cleaverest couple in the online competition, and rightly so. More importantly I love the syling and continuitey that you have displayed in your unit and I envy the purchaser. Congratulations! Erin, my sympathy for the loss of your Grandfather.
Have to agree with previous comments regarding the cheating of Erin and Jake which should never have been allowed. Didn't say much for the shows ethics. Congratulations to Neisha and John for winning. Well done the boys, Chez and Brenton.
Congratulations to John and Neisha. But I would like to know, did Erin and Jake get the car for cheating on the show ? they should stop smiling and give the car to Chez and Brenton.!!!
Congratulations to John & Neisha. Cheza & Brenton I think its not fair that you got nothing with all the hard work you have done, but Cheza you came across as a mean person a bit bitchy at times, sleeping in the car park at the shops while Brenton was working pretty hard it just didn't look good I guess, you also came across as high maintenance when you asked Brenton you to marry him, you asked if the ring was real. Erin and Jake you should of got nothing as you cheated the whole time, you should get nothing and give your winnings to Cheza & Brenton that would be a fair game. Well done to the boys. I enjoyed watching the block I look forward to 2011
The final show was a bit of a let down, I say next year get let them work on the project full time. What about heading out to the suburbs or the central west. And make sure the contestants stick to the rules and have a fair playing field. Would like to find out if Chez and Brenton got a discount on the rock from the advertising the jeweller would have got. That might make it better than them ending up with no profit
I agree with the majority of the comments, Chez and Brenton should get the same as the 2 tradies. And why did Jake and Erin get the car, how was that work out. I don't think that was fair at all. But congratulations to John and Neisha, new they would win they had the position and garden. I went to The Block last week end and had a lovely time. I did think that the Boys ceilings and workmanship was the highest of quality and they had the double garage with side access, I would have thought they would have at least got more than they did. Chez and Brenton where definately disadvantaged and i would like to know the outcome, how heartbreaking i really felt for them.
Chez got exactly what she deserved. For someone who had such tickets on themself at the start of the competition - "My creative juices are just flowing like crazy", she was terrible. A whinger who runs with the "do as I say not as I do" mentality. Lazy liar. Thats what you get for sleeping in your car while the others are carrying the load. As a young female who works on building sites as an electrician, I was appauled at her attitude toward safety (walking on Reo Mesh in high heels). She went into the competition knowing there was a possibility of not making a profit. Welcome to the real world where Brenton can't fix everything you stuff up, just because you put on a stupid clueless face. I hope Brenton watched the show and realised what he's signed up for.