The Block auction results: three sold, one passed in

Three gruelling months of sleeplessness and renovations paid off last night for three of the four couples competing in this year's series of The Block. But Brenton and Chez's dream was shattered when they left empty-handed.

The Block, situated on New South Head Road in Vaucluse, consists of four apartments, each allocated to one of the four couples competing for a first prize of $100,000 in cash. In addition, couples were also entitled to pocket any difference between the sale price and the allocated reserve. There was no compensation should an apartment be passed in.

With so much time and effort invested, the couples watched on nervously as the hammer fell — three times only.

The Block auction results: 2010

Neisha and John
Reserve: 900,000.00
Sold: 1,105,000.00
Takeaway: 205,000.00 + $100,000 prize money
>>Total: $305,000

Erin and Jake
Reserve: 910,000.00
Sold: 997,500.00
>>Takeaway: 87,500.00

Mark and Duncan
Reserve: 860,000.00
Sold: 907,000.00
>>Takeaway: 47,000

Brenton and Chez
Reserve: 880,000.00
Passed in
>>Takeaway: 0.00

For first-placegetters Neisha and John their total take-home prize is $305,000, an amount they say will go straight towards the purchase of a home in which they can raise their family.

"It just makes life that bit easier," said Neisha. "We'll be able to buy a great house, I'll be able to work part-time. It's the stuff people dream about. I feel as though I've won the lottery."

Neisha and John's sun-drenched ground-floor apartment was the only apartment with a grassed courtyard and outdoor entertaining space. Their reserve price was set at $900,000, second highest after Erin and Jake's.

Second-placegetters Erin and Jake appeared thrilled with their take-home total of $87,500. "We are very happy, more than happy," said Jake. "We had no expectations," added a beaming Erin. Both praised the show as a great way to learn valuable skills for their own home renovation.

Of the $87,500 prize money, Erin explained "most will go to the mortgage but some might go to a Christmas holiday, or a second honeymoon."

The two fat tradies Mark and Duncan were third in line, selling their quiet ground-floor apartment at the back of The Block for the bargain price of $907,000.

Mark and Duncan's apartment was the only lot with two lock-up garages and the tradies admitted to feeling disappointed in the sale price. However both said they'd had an incredible experience and despite the end result they'd do it all again.

"We've seen sides of ourselves we never knew we had," said Mark, adding that the real pleasure of the experience had been making people laugh. "That's what it's all about."

The invitation-only auction occurred in Sydney at the Vaucluse House Tea rooms on November 23, the night before it aired on TV.

Watch our exclusive after-auction interviews with the four couples:

>>Neisha and John

>>Erin and Jake

>>Mark and Duncan

>>Brenton and Chez

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User comments
Have just been reading what you all think of the Block and its participants and have one comment - get over it folks!!!! This is just another form of entertainment - not reality at all. In reality, would you put yourself through what these people have endured? No, not at all. In reality, you would set a realistic deadline, with a realistic budget that included the use of experts to ensure the highest spec product, and you would ensure that your auctioneer was gutsy and not just a show pony. It's entertainment - pure and simple - entertainment. Take it as such.
The concept is great, four different couples renovating four (almost) identical apartments and see what they come up with. I like it, but i have a few gripes. 1)As has happened before on the block the reserves where out of whack and the courtyard apartment was under-valued. It's a pity that the end result ended up having nothing to do with how the reno's where done, just the luck of having a courtyard. 2) It's good to see some other comments pointing out that Chez and Brenton started cheating before Erin and Jake (didn't they steal Erin's floor colour after week 1) but wasn't played up by the producers like Erin and Jake.I guess that's reality TV for ya. Obviously I still don't agree with what they did. 3) Maybe a bit more screen time devoted to the reno's and less drama would be appreciated. Again, that's reality TV for ya. Thats enough negatives, Mark and Duncan where great, should have there own show. It's a pity they didn't win more.
Reality TV viewers heads up-NOTHING of what you saw was REAL! The manipulation and pressure on all couples and their freinds and families was relentless in order to make "good tv". Case in point-ask Neisha about hidden cameras to "dibby-dob" on other couples...NOT the innocent you thought she might have been!
I was trying not to buy into the reality show editing hype until Jake's little stunt of sending his twin to apologise to the boys. They accepted the apology and even commented it would take alot for Jake to bring himself to do and that their opinion of him had gone up etc etc. Jake was upstairs thinking it was a great joke. What a joke of a human being. It amy have been edited but the proof of the pudding...Ill bet the other three couples remain friends. Be interested to see if Jake and Erin get any Christmas cards from anyone. If I was toyota I wouldn't be running that add any more.
Um, just noticed that Erin & Jake's apartment was actually sold by private treaty for $900,000. What happened? Did the auction buyer pull out? If it's the case that Chez and Brenton get to keep any profit above the reserve from the sale of their apartment after the auction, does this mean that Erin & Jake lose theirs?!?
it's just a pity that the cheating boguns Jake and Erin didnt have their property passed in by that incompetant auctioneer!
Any auctioneer that accepts an extremely low opening bid is showing their incompetance. As a result, the buyers are scared off ("maybe its not worth as much as we thought?")and the property results in being passed in. Not only was the auctioneer unprofessional. he started closing the bidding and making last calls within 2 minutes of the auction start. Really really stupid, people just need to be given time to think about their bidding, not be rushed like that. When we come to sell our property in a couple of months we'll definitely go to a few auctions beforehand and make sure our auctioneer is not a dud. It's just a pity it wasnt the cheating bogans Jake and Erin that got passed in!
I didnt expect gays, M or F, to be on all 3 series of the block, excluding the gay, bald judge. 2 was going well, but you would think that atleast one gay farmer wouldve applied and been accepted to be on The Farmer wants a Wife, when they had 2, now 3 tpken girls?? I know theres a few out there and plenty city queens willing to visit. I guess Ch9 dont think thats appropriate in a family time slot. Us gays are only good to build a room or judge it - heaven forbid we have an innocent kiss - the country raised on the sheeps back would collapse, lol??!! Even Gay or Straight, a local oz version, of a dating reality show was banished to late night by Ch9. Get with the program Ch9 and dont just use token gays, when it suits you. Have the guts to make a hard call and stand by it, instead of repetitive, USA style sanitised fairy floss for robotic idiots or biggots. And yes, the Block shouldve had a 3rd or female judge, not just for equality, but a feminine balanced perspective.
I cant believe his inexperience, incompetence or inability to adjust his approach for the way the auction went and string it out longer with filler. Its not his fault if theres no bids or a buyer, but he certainly didnt help things. They mustve really hated Chez at the agency she worked at as a temp swap from melb during the show, to get him?. He worked with her!!! Obviously he wasnt good enough to be kept on by Mark Bouris after the 1 year, $200K contract. Nothing is fair in real estate - you dont always get what you deserve or what the fair market value is - sometimes heaps more, or heaps less, even when identical properties are sold on the same day or closely. Its all down to what they buyer will pay on the day, and competition doesnt guarantee a high price either. I do agree the bitchy, whiney Chez and downtrodden Brent shouldve atleast been given the car,as a consolation prize. Also,why can A Current Affair show shonky tradies faces,but the Block couldnt,let alone name or sue him?
IVE READ EVERY COMMENT ON BOTH 2 & 4 BLOGS. - These contestants are not your personal friends and dont give a damn about you, so dont be so offended and so concerned about them and take it all so seriously and personally. - Its a reality show, edited for effect. Theres been cheats and losers in all 3 seasons of The Block - thats life, real estate, reality and ratings - get over it. ALL contestants broke the rules, in some way, even if only slightly, but funny how a secret cam was only put in Erin and Jakes place? What if this invasion of privacy had occurred in all apts., what would have shown up?? I guess the producers listened to the back stabbing and complaints. - Series 2 had fizzled prices also. No one just deserves to win, regardless of how nice they are, or how hard they worked. It's a game. I was on Perfect Match on Ch10 in 1990 and because my show wasnt aired, i never got a wallet prize. The station couldnt even spring for that,seeing there was no advertising for the sponsor

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