Block couple Chez and Brenton sell for $970,000

Rosalind Scutt

When their apartment was passed in for $880,000 at The Block auction last week, renovators Chez and Brenton were left devastated. That all changed this week when the chic, three-bedroom pad sold for $970,00 in a post-auction bidding war.

"What an amazing outcome, we are just so excited" Chez said of the $970,000 sale price. "Great work from our real estate agent Mary Anne [Cronin ] and her team and it's a fabulous buy for the purchaser."

Last week's auction was meant to be a happy climax for the four couples who had spent three painstaking months renovating a block of apartments in Sydney's exclusive Vaucluse. The rules dictated that each couple could pocket the difference between the reserve price and the sale price. In addition, the winning couple would receive a further $100,000 in prize money. With so much to gain, all four couples were hoping for the best.

But for Chez and Brenton, whose apartment was passed in at $880,000, the auction result was deeply shocking — but the shock was made easier to bear because of support from sympathetic blockaholics.

"We've had such an overwhelming amount of support from people, we can't believe the support we have received from the public and this result just tops it off," Chez said.

"It's been a roller-coaster ride for us but the outcome is great," said Chez who became engaged to boyfriend Brenton on a romantic episode of the show. "And now we can afford our dream wedding."

The couple will keep the difference between the $880,000 reserve price and the $970,000 sale price giving them a total win of $90,000.This puts them in second place behind Neisha and John, whose apartment sold for $205,000 above the reserve and who also received the first-place bonus of $100,000.

View the slideshow of the auction night.

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The Block auction results: 2010

Neisha and John
Reserve: 900,000.00
Sold: 1,105,000.00
Takeaway: 205,000.00 + $100,000 prize money
>>Total: $305,000

Brenton and Chez
Reserve: 880,000.00
Sold: 970,000
>>Takeaway: 90,000

Erin and Jake
Reserve: 910,000.00
Sold: 997,500.00
>>Takeaway: 87,500.00

Mark and Duncan
Reserve: 860,000.00
Sold: 907,000.00
>>Takeaway: 47,000

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>>Erin and Jake

>>Mark and Duncan

>>Brenton and Chez

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