About Young Doctors

Young Doctors, a new eight-part observational documentary series for the Nine Network, will follow seven first and second-year junior doctors as they leave their training behind to start work on the wards at John Hunter. They are all aged in their 20s and all will have someone’s life in their hands.

As newly qualified enthusiastic professionals, the juniors are stepping into something the public has an admiration for – being a doctor. We trust them with the lives of our children, our parents and our loved ones, yet underneath their scrubs our young doctors are still growing up themselves.

This inspiring series will show the difficulties they face juggling new responsibilities as well as the trials and tribulations of being a young doctor in one of the liveliest cities in Australia.

We will be with our junior doctors as they make their first diagnosis, perform their first emergency surgery, and face their first Saturday night in accident and emergency. Their patients and supervisors are important, however they are more of a backdrop. It is the group of young doctors we will get to know best.


There’s no honeymoon period for our young doctors, and on the wards from their first day the cameras will have unprecedented access to follow them through their shifts as they assess and treat patients. They are thrown in at the deep end with heart attacks, car accidents, binge drinkers, embarrassing procedures and difficult patients who look them in the eye and ask “How many times have you done this before?”

The doctors will wear radio-mikes and be shadowed by our cameras on day and night shifts. They will reflect on their decisions and state of mind, and their supervisors and nursing colleagues will give frank assessments of how they are handling the pressure of the job.

The seven doctors will be stationed in various areas of the hospital, including Accident and Emergency, and the Emergency Assessment Unit. John Hunter has the busiest emergency department in NSW, so these will be high patient turnover locations with the focus on our young doctors doing it right, and doing it fast.

User comments
With your programing going up the creek PUT IT BACK ON !!!! It rated okay enough to prove it does better than the other overseas garbage on now. It was so disheartening to see you people replace it with utter garbage....looks like I will have to watch the CI Channel's fly on the wall show on St Vincents Hospital Sydney.
What happened to this show??? There were only 2 episodes aired here and then it disappeared!!! What happened??
Kate needs to get off her high horse and realise that she has in fact just "flown the nest" and even though she's had 4-5 years of medical training, she is only a new dr and doesn't know everything. And she also needs to recognise that the nurses is some cases DO know more than she will as they've been around a lot longer. The nurses are not the drs 'handmaidens' anymore and if she keeps presenting this attitude it's going to get the nurses off side and make her life rather difficult.
Thank you to the dr's and the show. I got to see my mum for one final time on this show, (my mum recently passed away) and we knew she was on the show. I got to see my mum and also the care that was given to her. We know JHH has some great Dr'S and the care that was shown to her was exactly what we wanted to see. For me seeing my mum after she has just passed away made me smile even if it was for 5 mins. Thank you young dr's in many ways (for the show and care given to my dying mum at the time)
This is an exact copy of a series that aired on Foxtel but set in Newcastle Hospital in UK. This UK series featured realistic doctors not chosen for their cosmetic appearance on TV but followed their lives in a similar manner.
Could possibly be the most underwhelming reality TV show ever.
I was looking forward to this show but this show does not reflect well on those who participated. Apart from that, and I'm not sure if editing has anything to do with it, I just couldn't make myself care. These young doctors look nice, but they are boring. The half an episode I watched was frankly boring,uninspiring. Instead of 'wow', I was thinking 'well good for you'. I am here to voice my opinion because I was looking forward to this show and now I feel disapointed. If I wanted to be bored by reality, I could just go to the hospital. I get you're portraying reality, but why make a show and not try? This show is not inspirational, not educational and provokes no emotion. (compare this to RPA, where it is inspiring watching how professional, caring and competent doctors operate. this aspect was not highlighted in this show, instead its all about the incidents without context and opinions we do not care about).
... possibly this is an attempt by the Medical Association, in conjunction with channel 9, to increase enrolments in Medicine by Australian graduates. Makes 100% sense to me.
i thoughly enjoyed young drs but didnt like the cometry other then that i loved every minute of it and look forward to another episode
Sorry...but anyone who thinks they are a rock star because they can close a wound needs to take a good hard look at themselves. To compare the intricacies of surgery with the vacuous celebrity of rock stardom is to sleight the hard work and application it takes to become a consultant surgeon.

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