Didier Cohen

International Model

Charity : Youth Off The Streets

Didier Cohen is an actor, model and DJ. With a bright future and a colourful past: this is a name to watch. A successful international model, Didier has featured in campaigns for Dolce & Gabbana, Nike and Adidas, among others and was the face of Industrie with Miranda Kerr for two years. Didier has appeared at many industry events as an ambassador or host - from fashion to technology to all things Gen Y.

Didier is also making his name as a DJ in the music and club scene with TEN-DMC with DJ Tenzin. He has appeared in videos for artists such as Mariah Carey and Natalie Bassingthwaighte.

Didier has recently starred in three short films (Nightcrawlers, Coincidence and Mind Games), directed by up and coming filmmaker James Demitri and will also feature in and co-direct the documentary film, The LA Story, starring Tal Cooperman, Benji and Joel Madden, Ryan Sheckler, Pink, Carey Heart, Paris Hilton and more Los Angeles luminaries.

A tattoo aficionado Didier will be the guest editor of the December issue of Inked Magazine and the entire issue will be directed by and devoted to Didier and his own unique LA Story.

In demand as a host and fashion face, Didier has appeared at many industry events and functions and was co-host of the Fashion Forward Festival Sydney and he is currently developing his own casual clothing line.

A natural athlete, Didier is skilled in snowboarding, skateboarding, cycling, riding, swimming, basketball and track and field.

Youth Off The Streets
Provide rehabilitation and counselling for homeless and disadvantaged youth. A charity very close to Didier’s heart. Really enjoys helping young people

User comments
How much does Didier look like Jordan Paris (the guy with the big teeth that stole all the jokes on Australia's Got Talent).... They are dead set twins!!!
Didier, don't worry about that goblin Max talking about your past and your alcohol and drug problems. They are a part of growing up. You have just proved to everybody you have the talent and ability to excel at anything you desire. I think Max should've got kicked off over you. You at least maintained your dignity. You are a great person and you will go very far. Good on you!
Im very happy to see money going to youth off the streets didier. My husband Craig and i (CORAL) have a mechanical workshop (family owned) when we fix youth of the streets there cars or there buses we do it for free for father o'Reily its a pleasure. Thank you and u have done wonders for this charity Didier xoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxo ps u r georgous
Oh you nailed it when observing and commenting on the return of Deni and her disgusting treatment of Jes....you said my thoughts as I was screaming at the Tv that she shouldn't have even been back. You conducted yourself so well and showed great courage with comments here and there from the others... even about the trousers length! You inspired me to have confidence in myself.
Didier you are awesome, to overcome adversity and present yourself so well, is a an example of your good character. The way that you were treated by Max, was unforgivable, don't worry he is not in your league, i think you are a good role model for those that have been or going through the hell of drug addiction. If you have changed just one life ,well that is a tremendous achievement.
Didier, i did not know who you were till this show and i am very glad i got to know you through this show. I think you have taught alot of young and old people out there the true meaning of love and hard work. I wish you all the best in your future and happiness, hope we see more of you again on TV. xxoo
Didier you are a true inspiration & I think I speak on behalf of a lot of people when saying we are so glad to have watched you over your time on the celebrity apprentice! You have been a joy to watch, such a ***!!!!!!!!! and have helped a lot of people along the way even if you have not realised it. Thanks for being you! Wish you could've come back to the show. P.s - Don't worry, a lot of people now know who you are in Australia! NEVER STOP
Dieder's so handsome tall cute as. That young man has a future
Just wanted to say what a lovely young man you are, your mother must be very proud of you. Congratulations for pulling yourself up from the depths of despair and making a difference in young peoples lives. My son is 17 with depression and anxiety and is not doing well but just watching you has made a small difference in his life. He's getting his hair cut like yours, I know that may be a very small thing in your eyes but for me its major because he very rarely leaves his room. My son had no male role model in his life until he saw you so thank you so very much for making a difference.
I would like to prise Didier for his curage and character to hold himself strong during and after mad Max ill comments.When people talk about other people lives they actually tell more about themselves than person they're talking about.But learning about your past actually made me relise what a great young man you became in the process.I wish there are more people like yourself, humble young man with dignity and pride who works hard and supports others less fortunate around, so our kids (and adults) can look up to you and get inspired to do the same.Mad Max and Jason how low can you get. You need to get some coaching from Didier what life is all about, not money, not power, not back stabbing while laughing into people's faces. I understand it's a showbiz game but play it with style,class.You will live after this is over and if you hurt so many people on the way up don't forget they will be the same people facing you on the way down to.Didier,we are welcoming u2 our home and our hearts.

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