What's Freeview?


What is Freeview?
Freeview is the brand name for the collection of Australia’s free-to-air networks on the digital platform. It isn’t any one channel or service – rather it is a suite of channels. Freeview is an industry initiative. It is an initiative created, fostered and funded by the free-to-air broadcasters to encourage Australian’s to switch from analogue to digital Television. Freeview is owned by:

What does Freeview Do?
Freeview’s job is to encourage current analogue TV viewers to switch from watching analogue to digital free-to-air television on the high definition (HD) platform by promoting its benefits including more channels, for free. To see the channels you’ll receive in your area, go to the “Freeview Channels” section of the Freeview website

Why do I need to switch?
Currently, Australian TV is broadcast and received by home televisions using both digital and analogue signals. Between 2010 and 2013 the analogue signals will be phased out by the Australian Government. That means that after 2013, analogue televisions won’t receive broadcasts any more.

Why should I buy Freeview endorsed product?
Freeview doesn’t make products. We’re not a manufacturer. However, we have endorsed some of Australia’s leading brands. When you see a TV, set-top or PVR with the Freeview logo, you know you are buying a product that will deliver you the full suite of free-to-air channels. All Freeview certified products have the technology to receive the current channels, as well as any channels that are yet to be introduced.

How much does Freeview cost?
Once you have digital capable equipment, Freeview is FREE. No contracts. No fees. No monthly payments.
It’s the way TV should be.

Want more information?
Go to www.freeview.com.au to find all the information about Freeview.

Email us at generalenquiries@freeview.com.au


Write to us at
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