Starting Sunday 9th of August via digital channel 99, GO! will be bringing the young, and young at heart, more choice and entertainment than ever before.

Typical programs on GO! will be favourites such as Gossip Girl, The Hills, FRINGE, Terminator - Sarah Connor Chronicles, Weeds, The Wire, Survivor, The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, Hell's Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares, CSI and hit comedy series Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Later this year, GO! will broadcast the most anticipated new show of the US television season Vampire Diaries.

As a result of the introduction of GO! some digital viewers may experience a small disruption. Click here to get all the essential tuning details.

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I would like to report my utter digust at the ads aimed at young, impressionable people, to join the Navy. All happy, lively pictures and music. No mention of the serious side of enlisting in an organisation that trains people to fight in war. It is extremely offensive to me and I think it is reprehensible that GO shows these ads with nauseating regularity. Shame.
the vampire diaries are awsome i love elana she is so awsome i know im an actor and all but id have to say that the vampire diaries has caught up to the twilight series
Can someone on this blog answer the question, is this EAST show on GO??? I've read about it but... I wanna watch it!
this East show looks sweet. when's it on?
Thanks for the link Veronica, it looks good
For the people asking about that East show there is an article about it in InsideFilm. If you go to www.if.com.au it's one of the top stories. It says that there isn't a network yet, so it could be on GO.
Whats with GO claiming to have AUSSIE FIRST shows and episodes? I've seen all the shows they air on other networks before. The Wire for example. I watched it on ABC before I saw it on GO and channel GO only repeats the one previously shown on ABC. If you're going to lie about something GO make sure it's something the viewers cant call you out on. ( insert eyeroll here ) It's bad enough you bombard us with constant ADS and rip us off with half series of shows and taking stuff off without warning. Please don't try to insult out intelligence as well.
A friend of mine went to the casting session for The East. It's going to be like the Hills but set in Sydney with hot chicks. Don't know if its on GO though.
Hi looking at what's on GO and you get 9. not GO so you can't see what is on ............... so can you set this up so we can see what's on GO .........
The East sounds like a wicked show.. is it on GO?