Big Brother

Big Brother

The show that redefined television is coming to Nine in 2012. Famous as much for the controversy it caused as the incredible ratings it received, Big Brother is back with a difference.

The ‘mother’ of all reality shows returns to Australian television on Nine in 2012. The show that changed the face of Australian television will be reborn on Nine with a bold new attitude and a brand new host, Sonia Kruger.

Big Brother: new house, new housemates, new twists, new host.

Audition details for the 2012 season of Big Brother are yet to be revealed. Be sure to join Big Brother on facebook or follow the show on twitter @BBAU9 where details will be first posted

User comments
i loved every minute of bb i wish it was still on IM SO HAPPY BEN WON BUT SAD IT'S OVER hope it will come on again i love ben but hate estelle and cant belive josh left i never liked bradley but know i like him
Big brother was great this year, nice to c greter wasn't the host and replaced by Sonia Kruger, she did a excellent job and her outfits looked amazing to.....
i just love ben he did a great job and was awesome to watch in the house!!!!!!!!!
Great work channel nine. I have watched every series of big brother and without a doubt 2012 the best by far. Sonya beats Gretel hands down. She was far more a friend to the housemates and not a dictator like Gretel and the housemates what a talented lot they were, highly entertaining. Congrats to Ben, wanted Josh to win but sadly he was taken from us. Can't wait until next year. If I was 30 years younger would have auditioned myself. Kathy Aoki
The only BB I ever enjoyed was back when Chrissie Swann and I think it was Daniel and another gay guy was on (can't remember his name) and that was so funny. After that it was terrible and was so glad it was taken off air...Butttttt....Congrats Channel nine for a really funny and family orientated show for any age... We don't need to see bloody shower scenes and couples ***!!, and this bunch of HM's are quite funny and a few of them even have brains!! I'm enjoying it in general and so are my kids who can now watch it without me having to switch it off when it's too crude. Hope, if you continue to air each year, you will keep it clean !!!, and funny and well done....
I love big brother it makes me laugh and at my age 83 i sure need one will be sorry when it is ended and i love Laya
You guys serious? you watching these loosers? they should be at some uni working on getting a degree or working some where what a bunch of *** looking for fame at the lowest level ever. I had the TV on and kept watching as i m thinking there will be something worth watching to have the show at such hour...nope it s just a bunch of girls and guys gossiping none stop and talking to say nothing,,,Channel 9 u could do better really? is this what you preparing the kids to be? loosers? sharing strangers bed like it s all ok and all normal have some decency....
As per some of the other comments here I have to say Channel 9 that Big Brother is a load of boring rubbish. It is so bad that it makes ABC Parliamentary Question Time look like an action movie and even makes The Shire look like an Oscar winner. Big Brother has nothing new compared to when it was on Channel 10. Some old formula with brain dead 20 somethings talking crap. Please, please, cancel it as I am sick of it taking up air time on Channel 9 and GO when something better like Top Gear could be screened.
big brother wake to your self be nice to the house mates and give them food they need food this is not right the house mates have got the right to have food not crap

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