RESCUE: Special Ops Season 3 - On DVD

Everyone loves a hero and what‘s better than a born and bred Aussie one?

With the third and final series of RESCUE: Special Ops out on DVD on 8 December you’re spoilt for choice! The final high octane series doesn’t disappoint – including as much action and punch as we come to expect of this stellar drama, plus a little extra romance, brings the story to a close.

The remarkable cast including Australian stalwarts - Les Hill, Libby Turner and Peter Phelps– sees the characters hurtle into countless dangerous missions, risking their lives for others. Season 3 introduces strong additions to the cast with seasoned actor Craig McLachlan and up and coming young actors Todd Lasance and Luke McKenzie.

However, when Lifeblood, a privately owned rescue organisation take it upon themselves to take over the Special Ops area, the hard working Special Ops team have their jobs and livelihood threatened. But of course, in the true Australian spirit, it’s not over ‘till it’s over. The introduction of the Lifeblood team doesn’t just turn the working world upside down but adds personal conflicts as relationships blossom between the teams. With love, comes jealousy pitting team members against each other.

Join the RESCUE: Special Ops team and acknowledge their triumphs, count their losses, and most importantly celebrate their bravery including all the thrills and spills that go with abseiling, rock climbing and being an all round action hero. While RESCUE: Special Ops will not be coming back to the small screen, from the 8 December you can relive the drama time and time again, all the while paying tribute to the challenges and dangers that 4,111 real life Ambulance Officers and Paramedics1 face every-day in the line of duty.

Release Information –
Release Date:
8 December 2011 (DVD)
Discs: 6 discs featuring 22 episodes
RRP: $59.95
Writers: Michaeley O’Brien, John Ridley, Sam Meikle, Giula Sandler, Dave Warner, Tim Dylan Lee, Andrew Kelly, Fin Edquist, Catherine Ferla, Fiona Kelly, Chris Hawksha
Cast includes: Les Hill, Libby Turner, Peter Phelps, Daniel Amalm, Craig McLachlan and Todd Lasance

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