New Year's Eve 2012

Reece Mastin

Reece Mastin - Beautiful Nightmare

Reece Mastin is the sound of now. He is the unequivocal breakout pop-star of 2012. Since winning The X-Factor in late 2011, the seventeen year old has already amassed a stockpile of further achievements including a 2 x Platinum #1 album, three consecutive chart-topping, radio-blasting singles (Aria Chart #1, #2, and #1 singles respectively), and most recently, a Platinum #1 DVD release. With his new album BEAUTIFUL NIGHTMARE now ready to be unleashed, Reece Mastin is set to cause further chaos on the charts, and is destined to become an even bigger Rockstar.

Although having been described as the new kid on the musical block, Reece Mastin isn’t simply just another pop sensation. Reece is a magnetic performer, who is also a surprisingly talented songwriter, who was, without doubt, born to rock! He has an exciting and innate ability to capture the cheeky attitude and language of people his age, without any of the manufactured falseness that can be heard elsewhere. Reece's songs echo the sound of good times and rockin' out with good mates. “The fact is people react to honesty, and so that’s exactly how I want my songs to come across – with a real truthfulness. There are a lot of artists who sound really fake, or who are trying to be too clever with their wordplay, and that’s just not what I’m about. If you say something that people are going to understand straight off the bat, they’re gonna find a much easier connection with your music.”

Recorded in Australia and the US with a team that includes Matthew Gerrard (Kelly Clarkson, The Jonas Brothers), Cassius D. Kalb (Bruno Mars), and Brian Howes (Puddle Of Mud, Hinder), Lindsay Rimes (The Madden Brothers, Stan Walker), and DNA (Shannon Noll, Brian McFadden), Reece has come up with an album that is all the more impressive as a result of the fact that he’s co-written every song on the album.

“I wanted to be able to say that I wrote this album. It’s all about how I feel, and the kinda way I speak to my friends, and the kinda things we talk about together. It makes it easier for me to sing because the words come from my heart, and from the way I see things.”

A songwriter since the age of 12 years old, Reece has used his own musical ideas as the backbone of the album’s development. “Songs like She Calls This Love is a song I started writing when I was about thirteen years old and we kinda re-wrote it to suit the album a little bit more. A lot of the songs are chord progressions and lyrical ideas I’ve had for a while. With the song Give Up The Girl I had a lot of the lyrics already, and the same with Shout It Out. A lot of the riffs came from me just sitting around and playing the guitar over the years. That’s what I do a lot of the time – just pick up the guitar at home and come up with riffs. When it came time to record the album I just pulled up these ideas and we finished them off in the studio.”

As with his smash-hit singles Shut Up And Kiss Me, and Shout It Out, the songs on his fifteen-track BEAUTIFUL NIGHTMARE album are all sharp, snappy pop/rock gems which get to their point quickly, without meandering all over the place in search of artistic credibility. “All of the songs tend to fit that three minute or so bracket – it’s about getting to the heart of the song straight away without filling it out with sections for the sake of it. It’s not an easy thing to do, to come up with short, punchy songs, but we definitely got a feeling for it and came up with the goods. I’m not trying to write a symphony, I just want to get the party started and rock out for a fun time.”

Throughout the album listeners can hear glimpses of Reece’s musical tastes and inspirations; on a song like the current single Rock$tar he sounds and postures like a male-version of P!nk, on She’s A Killer he mixes the sounds of Muse with the sounds of Panic At The Disco; glimpses of Marilyn Manson rear up on Freakshow, and on the impressive rock-ballad Timeless you can hear elements of US rockers Three Doors Down. There’s also a certain Gaga-pop feel to the cheeky Dirty Paradise, which is the story of a guilty pleasure that keeps winning Reece over through temptation.

“It all comes from so many different people but it’s kinda blended into this great big awesome mash-up of sounds. I listen to so many different styles of music so this album includes all those influences, especially the rock ones, and I just took it all and put it together for this album.”

Album-closer Give Up The Girl, with all its blustering pop-swagger, is a hands-on collaboration with one of Reece’s big inspirations, U.S. rocker Benji Madden. “I was with my producer Lindsay Rimes that night,” Reece explains of the union, “and he suggested I go down and write at the studio, and that Benji would be down there – I just thought Benji was some random guy, I didn’t realise he meant Benji Madden! I was shocked at first, but we started writing together and came up with this track, which just evolved from there. It’s cool because I’ve been such a big fan of Good Charlotte, and it’s got that kinda rocky Good Charlotte sound to the track. Benji did a lot of the backing vocals and guitars on the song too and it’s got a real full band feeling to the production. It was an awesome experience.”

The title of Reece’s new album BEAUTIFUL NIGHTMARE is lifted from the album cut of the same name – a feverish and frenzied rocker with moshpit ambitions. Resistance is futile. “I love that song – it’s one of my favourites on the album,” Reece enthusiastically gushes. “It’s kinda got that Killers-vibe to it. It’s weird because when you listen to it you don’t really expect it to be what it is. The lyrics are a little bit more mature, and little sexier than the rest of the songs on the album. The title just seemed really cool and intriguing, the kinda thing that draws people in. I just wanted to capture people’s attention with a title that’s cutting-edge and full of attitude.”

With his BEAUTIFUL NIGHTMARE album Reece Mastin is ready to take it up a notch; amps on, power-levels set to full, and Reece is ready to strut on out centre-stage to piggyback his audiences for the ride of their lives. “I’m pretty much sold on the rock ‘n roll lifestyle and I wouldn’t wanna give it up for anything in the world! I’m giving it all I’ve got with this album, and I want my fans to feel the spirit of good times throughout.

“I really hope there’s a great reaction to the material from Australian audiences, and from there I’d like to then take the project overseas to see what happens there. I just wanna be able to tour with this record and have kids sing the songs back to me, or have kids on Twitter or Facebook just telling me that they love the record – that would be crazy! I just want people to love the music I’m writing and singing, and feel like they’re right there in the moment with me. I really want people to come down to the shows, have a great sing-along and kick-ass time. Let’s go!”