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20 to 1 is hosted by legendary entertainer Bert Newton and is the ultimate countdown show. Entertaining, cheeky and nostalgic, Bert takes a look back at some of Australia’s most defining moments.

Greatest Sporting Anthems

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Hosted by Bert Newton, counting down 20 great sporting anthems - the songs that get the heart of the true blue sports fan pumping that little bit harder. But what is the perfect mix of song and sport?

20. “We Are the Champions” - Queen
19. “Feels Like Woah” - Wes Carr
18. “Dreadlock Holiday” - 10CC
17. “Bound For Glory” - Angry Anderson
16. “Hot Hot Hot” ¬ Arrow
15. “True Blue” - John Williamson
14. “Moscow” ¬ Genghis Khan
13. “Chariots of Fire” - Vangelis
12. “(Simply) The Best” - Tina Turner & Jimmy Barnes
11. “Sweet Georgia Brown” - Brother Bones & His Shadows
10. “You Will Never Walk Alone” - Gerry & The Pacemakers
9. “Holy Grail” - Hunters And Collectors
8. “Amigos Para Siempre” - Sarah Brightman & Jose Carreras
7. “Howzat” - Sherbet
6. “The Cup Of Life” - Ricky Martin
5. “That¹s My Team” - Hoodoo Gurus
4. “Up There Cazaly” -Mike Brady
3. “Down Under” - Men At Work
2. “C'mon Aussie C'mon” - Mojo Singers
1. “Gonna Fly Now” - Bill Conti

User comments
I feel that your knowledge of You'll never walk alone was Liverpool biased. The song was later adopted by Scottish team Celtic F.C., Dutch teams Feyenoord and FC Twente, Germany's Borussia Dortmund, 1.FC Kaiserslautern and FC St Pauli and Japan's F.C. Tokyo.
Dropkick Murphys - Tessie. Go to youtube and look up the Tessie video and have a listen to the song and you'll agree this is one of the best. From Wikipedia - "In 2004, the Boston-area celtic punk group Dropkick Murphys recorded a cover of "Tessie," released on an EP of the same name. The Murphys said it was their intent to "bring back the spirit of the Rooters and to put the Red Sox back on top." The goal of the Murphys was realized when later that year the Boston Red Sox won their first World Series in 86 years." Now THAT is a sporting anthem. I wouldn't say number 1, but definately should be in 20-1. The song rocks hard too.
How could this not be No. 1 you idiots. Andrea Bocelli & Sarah Brightman - Time To Say Goodbye How about fixing up the sound next time as well.
We Are The Champions, number 20??????? Are you for real! Come on that's got to be number 1 my god man have you lost your mind. I think if you are talking the most used then we can't really be serious putting it behind all those songs, especially Hot Hot Hot and Moscow - GET REAL BERT.
Where the *** is gary glitter????
ACDC Thunderstruck? It is used so much in sport and action videos on youtube and by a lot of sporting teams in the USA and it can't even make it on the list. Maxim poll had it as 1 on sporting anthems. Also it is Aussie too! This just shows the selectors need a think a bit harder. Also Rock and Roll Part 2 and Eye of the Tiger are missing. The first 2 are THE stadium anthems, and the latter is the song everyone trains to!
How does shannon noll beat twisted sister? if it was the original version of "what about me" i would understand but really does shannon nolls version define a generation? or is it just because he is Aussie? lmao love this show disagree with it every week...but never stop watching
What about,(not in order, but 10 better than ch 9 The Voice Rock 'n' Roll all night Talkin''bout my generation Khe Shan Born in the USA Born to be wild Who are you Satisfaction Eagle Rock We are the champions In the name of love Eye of the tiger
where was so what by p!nk or gives you hell by al american rejects. they missed out heaps of songs.
Watched it just now. Why did they put in so many NONE break up songs? What about "I Will Always Love You" by Whitney Houston? If I should stay, I would only be in your way. So I'll go, but I know I'll think of you ev'ry step of the way. And I will always love you. I will always love you. You, my darling you. Hmm. Bittersweet memories that is all I'm taking with me. So, goodbye. Please, don't cry. We both know I'm not what you, you need. And I will always love you. I will always love you. (Instrumental solo) I hope life treats you kind And I hope you have all you've dreamed of. And I wish to you, joy and happiness. But above all this, I wish you love. And I will always love you. I will always love you. I will always love you. I will always love you. I will always love you. I, I will always love you. You, darling, I love you. Ooh, I'll always, I'll always love you.

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