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The Secret Millionaire Returns Monday 9.30pm

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This August we’re pleased to announce the return of one of our favourite shows, The Secret Millionaire.

The Secret Millionaire is more then just your average entertainment; this is a TV show with conscience. If you missed the first season we’ll get you up to date. Every week in the Secret Millionaire one of Australia’s most talented, entrepreneurial millionaires leaves behind their lavish lifestyles and goes undercover in seriously under-privileged areas of Australia. In their ten days undercover they completely immerse themselves in the society in which they find themselves and get to know the disadvantaged and marginalised people, forgotten by the rest of society.

At the end of this journey they single out those they believe to be the most deserving or in need and surprise them by revealing their true identity and rewarding them.

Episode one sees the first of our millionaires, Carly Crutchfield, make her way to a community centre in Frankston that serves meals to the many needy and homeless. Carly leaves behind a beautiful beachside home in Sydney and a wardrobe with 450 pairs of shoes and fully immerses herself in the community. She meets some of the bravest and struggling families in Australia and their positive attitude will blow you away.

You won’t want to miss one of the most important shows to come to Australian TV in many years, The Secret Millionaire.

Meet the Series Two Secret Millionaires.

User comments
Watched yesterday's UK transmission of Carly Crutchfield, In season two of Secret Millionaire. She came across as a really lovely person, with a heart of gold. please pass on our appreciation to her of her kind gesture. to her fellow Australians. We need more people like you Carly. Both Anne my wife and myself wish Carly, the production team at 9 and all disadvantaged people everywhere A very Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year. God Bless you all.
Hello my name is sosi. I came from ethiopia 13 years ago. I am a performer.My dad arrived 5 weeks ago and he ended up in the hospital and got very complicated.No he has been in the hospital for over 3 weeks and already over 50,000. and the docotor recon he need to be in the hospital for 2 month plus 6 month chemo traphy.I have 2 and half year old doughter and also my mum in Ethiopia she has been on oxgyn for the last 11 years. I have always been a provider for my family and I need help. i hope some one will get to read this and assist me in any way.thank you.
is there any one who can help me.i am single mum with three kids.One is 18 years daughter and wants to get married.She still waiting for her husband to come to australia.She wants to have big wedding.And i have one disable son who wants to be rich and have a house with swimming pool.But we are poor and cant do any thing.Hope there is some one who can help us.Thank You.
Series 1, there was a shelter at the Gold Coast for people just getting back on their feet. How can I contact this place ? Can anyone provide the information? Just about to move and have heaps of "good quality" furniture and other house hold items. Want to give them to a worth while place, rather than the tip. Thanks.
Don't tell me that the one and only show I watch each week has finished.....boooohooo! Surely there's enough Millionaires and needy to keep this show going all year round.
I am so disappointed in channel 9 firstly for putting such a great and worthwhile show on so late. I am even more disappointed they pulled the last show, there were advertised 6 in the series and 5 shown !!!! The show gives us all hope , empathy , compassion for the less privileged, if the ratings were down it would only be you got the time slot wrong
To reply to PAL from above.It's sad that you think like this. I too am a tax payer and I own very little, and yes there are some real bad people who do use the system, but there are also people who don't. I work for an organisation that help homeless boys and these boys from no fault of their own ended up homeless and like thousand more were living on the streets. These boys don't bludge of no-one they pay for the roof over their head and I am very proud of them all. This is what this show is all about helping the underprivliged and sick.The people who run these organisations most don't have anything themselves but have the love to help others less fortunate than themselves.So if you don't like the poor sob stories then don't watch the show. I personally wish it was on more often.
I love watching ur show and as a parent of 2 severly disabled people im a little dumbfounded as to these people with young children who have a disability that have no money to buy equipment for there children. Centrelink give a grant of $10,000 to parents of children with a disability who are under 5 every special needs child gets it . There is also the aides and equipment program which also funds wheelchairs etc so im a little confused as to why thses childrens parents didnt get what there kids needed with the grants they got. Unfortunately these benefits are not available to special needs over 5 yrs old we get nothing and have to support out kids and buy there equiptment . My son is 16 he is severly interlectually disabled and in and around Jan he is to have a major operation to correct server scoliosis of his spine.I have to find money to get modifications done to my home and car for him and i cant work due to a cronic illness which is crippling me slowly..
I really enjoy Secret Millionaire. It provides a window into the real life Australian experiences and challenges but is not sentimentalised or contrived. The gifts are meaningful, both given and received graciously. I also enjoy Russel Crowe's narration and the background music compilation. I hope the program rates well and continues well into the future.
I just wanted to say. what a beautiful, beautiful gesture of the secret millionaire. Thankfully, I am blessed, with 3 beautiful, healthy young children, a roof over my head and blankets to keep me us all warm (all though i could do without a massive debt over my head), but everyday i wake up and say thank you to god for a healthy family. As your tv series shows, there are always people out there who are worse off. Speaking from experience, when things are tough, i always remind myself how bad others have it, So, Great Job to the secret millionaire, A VERY SELFLESS, GIVING, HUMAN BEING.

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