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Hey Hey.. It's on Saturday

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The cast of Hey Hey It’s Saturday are emerging from their winter hibernation and set to burst back onto our television screens at 7.30pm Saturday, October 16.

Host Daryl Somers said the move to Saturday nights is in direct response to audience feedback. “We’ve heard the message loud and clear, viewers want to see Hey Hey back where it belongs on Saturday nights,” he said.

“We can’t wait to get back to the timeslot we enjoyed for so many years. Saturday nights are perfectly suited to the unscripted, unpredictable fun that Hey Hey is all about. Whether you’re a family with young kids or on your way out to a party, we promise to offer our own unique brand of home-grown entertainment that everyone can enjoy.”

After the phenomenal success of last year’s reunion shows, Hey Hey returned earlier this year for a new series. Guests who have appeared on the show in 2010 include Kylie Minogue, Olivia Newton-John, Crowded House, The Eagles, Train, Jimmy Barnes, Usher, Craig David, Guy Sebastian, James Reyne, Gabriella Cilmi, Thirsty Merc, The Cat Empire, Kelly Rowland and The Potbelleez.

Daryl will be joined by all the gang, including Livinia Nixon, Red Symons, John Blackman, Russell Gilbert, Wilbur Wilde, Suze Raymond and Danny Clayton, together with audience favourites Plucka Duck, Ossie Ostrich and Dickie Knee.

Plus there will be the familiar doses of spontaneous fun with segments including Celebrity Head and Red Faces.

User comments
i have been watching hey hey since it was on satuday mornings we need it back
come on bring back hey hey plz my kids love watching the show with me and my wife like i used to watch it in the 80's don't cancell the show there is only crap like csi and shows like it
hey hey is daggy,but great entertainment, light, funny with great local and overseas talent.perhaps thats why nine wants to cancell it,because theres no controversy, therefor no free advertising.bring it back for the people and dontcancel it because someones ego at nine does not like it.
It would be an insult to the cast and fans of hey hey to cancel it in 2011. Hey Hey is about the only thing worth watching on tv these days. If it was cancelled, it would only be replaced with more CSI type shows. After watching Hey Hey in 2010, it still brings as many laughs and enjoyment as it did years ago. You have the oppertunity to have a great family show on your network thats different from all the crime and investigation type shows. Channel 9, dont make the mistake of cancelling this great aussie show
This is disgracful!! Only decent light hearted show on television! You should give it a chance to run next season! I for one will never watch channel nine again if it is cancelled! AND I KNOW I WONT BE THE ONLY ONE!!
Leave the show where it belongs, the 20th century. Ge your act together and make a new show for the 21st century which to aim even better.
Please bring back Hey Hey in 2011.
Get your act together and renew Hey Hey in 2011!!!
It was so nice to see something I liked from years ago back on the telly, please bring it back in 2011.
Mr Browne and Mr Gyngell, PLEASE PLEASE give us our show in 2011. Your station has been lucky enough to have had the Greats of australian TV - Graeme Kennedy, Don Lane, Bert Newton and YES - DARYL SOMERS..please do the right thing by Daryl and his loyal, longstanding, diehard fans and give Hey Hey a go in 2011. What a milestone for the show, as it will be **40 *** years since their start in 1971..!!! COME ON - make a decision quickly and let us know. WE WANT HEY HEY IN 2011 ( TO STAY !!!!)....

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