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Conan is Coming to GEM

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In an Australian exclusive Conan, the new talk show hosted by Conan O’Brien, will premiere on Tuesday, November 9, at 11.30pm on GEM, fast-tracked nightly direct from the United States.

Conan, an hour-long, late-night talk show featuring some of the biggest names in entertainment and music, marks the return of one of America’s favourite comedians and TV hosts.

The first week of Conan will feature a top lineup of guests, music performances, and appearances by some of O’Brien’s longtime friends, including:

Tuesday, November 9: Seth Rogen and music guest Jack White
Wednesday, November 10: Tom Hanks, Jack McBrayer and Soundgarden
Thursday, November 11: Jon Hamm, Charlyne Yi and Fistful of Mercy
Friday, November 12: Michael Cera, Julie Bowen and comedian Jon Dore

Emmy Award-winner O’Brien started out writing for television programs including Saturday Night Live and The Simpsons before being approached to host a late-night show for NBC. In 1993, Late Night with Conan O'Brien began and ran for 16 years, ending when O’Brien briefly took over The Tonight Show.

Most recently, O’Brien has performed throughout the United States and Canada with his live show, The Legally Prohibited from Being Funny on Television Tour.

Conan: Tuesdays to Fridays at 11.30pm on GEM

User comments
Why hasn't Conan been on the last few nights?? Better still be showing!
Being an avid viewer of "As Time Goes By" I was extremely disappointed the the scheduled episode advertised in all of the TV guides showing Lionel's father's wedding did not appear and furthermore in the subsequent episode it was apparent that the wedding had taken place so what happened to Rocky's wedding. Will it appear shortly or is it too much to ask for the scheduled episodes to be shown as advertised
Ok, i know that afew people have already posted about this but i hope that one more comment will get someone off their *** and do something about it. Could someone please, please, PLEASE!!!!! release the name of the song in the Conan comercial, about 10 of my friends and I want to desperately want the song and have all been looking for quite a while. Would be greatly appreciated thankyou..
Did anyone find what that song is on the Conan promotional ad in Australia that's being played on GEM channel?? Please share with the rest of us if someone finds out! It's also faintly playing in the background of the newest beer commercial where you win a mobile phone (Hahn Super Dry). And GEM channel, please repeat the movie you played at midday called "The High Country" as I totally missed it and have not seen this film for years and would be greatful to catch it, you repeat all the other movies but haven't repeated this one at all yet.
Please put Conan on Tuesdays to Fridays at an earlier time! The channel doesn't stick to the times in the TV Guide, and sometimes Conan finally comes on at like 12.30! Put Conan on at like 10.30 or something. 12.30 is too late when it's not holiday time. I also agree that the volume of the ads (and the whole channel) is much higher than any other channel. Annoying.
what is the song off the conan advert please tell, been looking for months.
Can You PLEASE I BEG YOU! tell the name of the song used in the Gem Channel Promo for Late night with Conan O'Brien. The one where he washes the desk. In the states they used "Pour Some Sugar On Me" By Def Leppard but you dont use that song in oz. Can you please put the name of the tune up on the web!! I know that on You tube there are many other people who are trying to locate this song... HELP BEFORE I GO NUTS!! I have searched the web to no avail... please HELP! Thanks... I love the Gem Channel... something other then sport and infomercials to watch late nights and on weekends!! THANKS!
You coming undone so quickly gem, whats the story?
A list of guests on your site (who's going to be on each ep) would be helpful SO I AM NOT UP HALF THE NIGHT WAITING FOR IT TO COME ON AND THE GUEST I WANTED TO SEE ISN'T ON!
i have waited for channel nine to realise that the volume on GEM is far too loud. unfortuneately you do not seem to be changing it. we watch the programs but if we change to any other channel we find that they are ALL much softer including Nine. AND when the ads come on GEM we either change channels or MUTE the sound. it is almost enough to make your ears bleed. we are starting to find other channels to watch instead as it is very unpleasant. i am sure the sponsers would be unhappy as we either block them or turn off. many of our friends are doing the same.

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