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The Enforcers

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The Enforcers, a new observational documentary series following the work of council rangers and officers across the country, premieres Sunday, November 14, at 6.30pm on Channel Nine.

Narrated by William McInnes, this compelling new series gives an insight into the experiences and challenges these dedicated public officials face as they work hard to serve their local communities.

What unfolds is a humorous, confronting and emotional slice of Australian life, driven by an often misunderstood group of people with the true spirit of community engagement. There’s conflict, aggression, humour and warmth in a series that charts the intersection where local authority meets everyday local life.

Throughout the series, we see it all: from illegal rubbish dumping and environmental hazards to dangerous dogs, livestock on the loose, neighbourly disputes, ugly confrontation on parking patrols, and lending a helping hand to those who lead less privileged lives.

In the first episode, rangers on a routine school patrol notice a dog off a lead. When they approach the owner they discover that the dog could be an American pit bull – a dangerous and restricted breed. The rangers have no choice but to take drastic action in the interests of public safety.

Rangers in Perth cop abuse from construction workers at a building site when they are writing out parking tickets. As tempers rise, the rangers are increasingly hassled and the situation gets more and more tense until someone strikes back at them.

Meanwhile another ranger, Brent, is called out to catch two sheep wandering loose on the streets. As the chase begins, he runs them straight into a swamp. Getting them out safely could turn out to be his toughest and most unusual assignment yet.

For these rangers, facing abuse on a daily basis is all part of the job that pushes them to their limits.

User comments
Hello Channel 9 My question is can we have a re birthing of the show, I love the show and want more seasons on it that feature different Shires around Australia. Thankyou for the show.
Please Never would i ring them to sort my problems... If anything they would give u a fine before ANYTHING STARTS... THATS HOW GOOD THEY ARE!!!! As for the Bsl law . How i see it and many others would say... Its who you know Not what you know!!! Waste of taxpayers money
The maltese terrier is on the dangerous dog list they are a known bad biting bread and have had a go at the odd person.
The Enforcers, like other programs of its ilk, is promotion of corporate fascism. I was disgusted by the arrogant and bossy manners of "Ranger Simon" of Sydney and "Ranger Anne" of Whittlesea. They need lessons on what it means to be a public servant. I would be issuing complaint notices to their bosses if I was treated like those people in Sunday night's program.
I thought it was very interesting to see these Rangers at work. I hope there is more series. I bet you (Documentery Maker) had trouble pursuading Councils to participate. I noticed no Queensland stuff. Good luck with that! Qld Councils seem very secretive! I worked for BCC many years ago in an unrelated role to these law enforcement workers, I think they were called Local Laws Officers. They were like a secret service within the council back then. lol
Twenty years in the police force then joining the ranks of Rangers I am not a wannabe im a has been and I have to put up with di-- heads like this bloke but still I don the uniform and enforce the law as the state government make it.
Hey just wanted to say that as a Ranger for the last 4 years it's really exciting to see a show like this put together. It's an education for the public to see exactly what it's like to walk in our shoes (even if they are full of water and mud). It's an extremely rewarding and difficult job but all the Rangers I know are all committed to the same cause, 'Educating the Public'. There are a number of a various issues that are dealt with on a day to day basis and never are 2 days alike. So sit back and enjoy the ride, you're the lucky ones experiencing this from the comfort of your lounge chairs.
I think by reading all the above comments its clear that everyone will always sit in there chair at home and criticise people for what they do or didnt do, Im sure if these people were put in front of a camera we would all criticise them for what sad jobs or lifes they lead. Unfortunatley the Sda people who make judgement on others would never have the opportunity to have a camera follow them around because to be quiet blunt they have sad boring jobs and live sad lives where they can only cast judgement on others! GET a LIFE! On a positive not The show was great Channel 9 and it really does show Rangers ina true light and the sometime difficult situations we find ourselves in, As with all Law enforcement we are bound by legislation and Acts of Parliament on what we can and cant do, so as I always say we didnt make the Laws we just have the extremely difficult job of trying to enforce it. Great Job Everyone! To Clarify - Restricted Breeds is a Aust Wide Legislation.
Russ from Qld, it's small minded attitudes like yours that makes a hard job even harder. And I'm sure you'll be the first person running to your local council when you need help.
About time. I am a council ranger and this shows everyone the life of a council enforcement officer. I loved the show as will all my work collegues and friends who have commented to me on it.

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