Kate DeAraugo

Age: 26
Location: New South Wales
Starting Weight: 100.6kg
Starting Body Fat: 41.9%
Waist: 110cm

Kate was the series three winner of Australian Idol in 2005, later becoming a member of the Young Divas all-female pop group.

Originally from Bendigo, Kate has a background as a swimming teacher and was a competitive swimmer as a teenager. But it was her voice that captured the nation’s attention after she won Idol, though she did become embroiled in a very public body issues controversy after judge Kyle Sandilands told her she had “tuckshop arms”.

She went on to release her debut single at Number 1 on the charts and achieved platinum album sales. A keen supporter of charity, Kate supports Lifeline and is a strong anti-bullying advocate, and is working on releasing a new album.

But, she admits it’s now time to face her body issues and shed her excess baggage.

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User comments
Good luck and all the best miss Kate,, You were great on idol and you still are,,, never take to heart what people say to you about the way you look,its not your fault they have issues with themselves, keep up the good work,go u good thing
Kate- you have been my idol ever since i first saw you in the auditions on Aussie Idol. you're voice really pulls on my heartstrings. i think you are absolutely beautiful and deserve the very best in life and nothing less. You have inspired me in my weight loss journey to reach my dreams and my goals.you have such amazing strength,amazing talents,an amazing persona,i wish i knew you because anyone in your life is lucky to have you! dont ever forget that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I wish you the best of luck in absolutely everything i hope you find your confidence and whatever you've been searching for. You are truely amazing and dont ever forget it! SARAH- you go girl!! you're strength and abilities have grown so much throughout the show. you conquering you're fear of heights, has made me want to beat my fears too. you are strong and beautiful and you're singing will take you a long way, just believe in yourself. i believe in both you and Kate. Dont give up,be proud!xo
Kate, I watched you on Idol and I just think your voice is your geatest asset and a gift from God..........what you lack is not a thin body but confidence in yourself.You have a beautiful face and a wonderful voice that sells records and can make you a star.....your body....not too bad really. You accept it and others will too. You lack confidence nothing else............you have so much !!!.love it.....don't hate it.
Keep going Kate, you are doing real good and you and Sarah are the best team...you both work well together. It seems like everyone likes you and you area very beautiful girl inside and out and I wish you well....go get em girls. Pink team all the way
Let's face it Kate, you're one hot chick..imagine how gorgeous you'll be when you hit your goal!! You gals are my favs!!
You two have clicked. Love watching you both working with each other. I just want you both to know that the more I look at the pair of you the more beautiful you get, that in itself is a very rare beauty. Keep it up girls, you are both hot m-got!!!!
Kate & Sarah,I wish you both every success on excess baggage. Kate Don't worry about sandilands comments,you have something he has'nt got & never will have thats talent. I think you are both lovely ladies I hope all goes well for you both. It's what inside that counts. wishing you both the very best in your endeavours. your No 1 Fan.
Good luck Kate - I hope you achieve your goals. Do this for yourself and not to meet other people's expectations of you. Be proud and remember you have achieved so much in life already, more than most people ever will. Your weight is only one facet of you as a person - skinny does not equal happy, but healthy comes close. Hope all goes well for you and Sarah.

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