In Their Footsteps

In Their Footsteps is a 10-part series about Australian families rising to the challenges, enduring the deprivations and dealing with the lasting scars of war.

In Their Footsteps will shine a bright new light on Australia’s wartime history, bridging the past to the present for a modern generation of viewers.

In Their Footsteps has completed it's first season on Channel Nine.

In Their FootstepsDVD out now!In Their Footsteps, a groundbreaking new television documentary series about Australia's wartime experiences, seen through the eyes of descendants as they are taken on a very personal journey. Out now
ShareShare your heroesUpload a photo and share the story of your own hero. In Their FootstepsMajor Charles August WittkoppRead some of these amazing stories, like this one sent in by Jan Cumerford, Rockhampton, QLD. In Their FootstepsEpisode PhotosWhen Billy Brandis enlisted in 1941, he had no idea.
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