Mike & Molly

Mike & Molly is a love story. It's about two people, ordinary yet extraordinary, who have always protected themselves and relied on their ability to laugh through life. Now, with the help of each other -- and the Overeaters Anonymous meeting where they met -- they are learning to open up and trust one another.
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Mon 23 Dec 11:50 PM
When Molly gets disappointing news at work, she is thrown into a funk that threatens to ruin Christmas.
The charm of Mike & Molly
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Katy Mixon, Swoosie Kurtz, Melissa McCarthy, Billy Gardell
27 mins
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User comments
love the show makes me laugh cant wait for new shows.
Can you please put Mike and Molly back on with newest episodes thanks it's a great show. It's just a good natured laugh for a half hour
Stop buying rubbish for Auzie audience please! This show must go go gone ASAP -
Mike & Molly, seriously nothing to do with FAT & SKINNY so on.... lthely The show has BORING Storylines, Pleaseg back more Two & Half men re-runs, Go Charli Sheen XX
The amount of comments i have read reffering to Channel 9 "promoting" or "Glorifying" obese people is totally apalling!!!!! How is this glorifying anything but the plot line of two people living their lives together??? Channel 9 isnt making us all go out and eat cheeseburgers!! Grow up! Those of you who say get them off the TV....who do you think you are? Going on like Fat people are sub standard citizens who dont deserve the same things as the 'skinny' folk!! How sad you all must be. Believe it or not people all go through similar life situations - therefore why not put Mike & Molly on the box? Fat, skinny, black, white whatever....we all should be entitled to see what we want, say what we want and we all SHOULD take a step back and look at the person - not the weight or dress size. I tell you something....im totally sick of seeing skinny, botoxed, fake, dyed and primped 'personalities' with their white teeth and fake smiles. Bring on real people anyday.
Who the hell would want to watch a morbidly obese man and a obviously FAT women in a TV show, when we are supposed to be trying to get healthier. Hardly a sexy show . More like YUK YUK YUK. Get them off our screens NOW as they are a something our children should NOT watch.
Absolutly love it. Refreshing and good too see not just skinny models can be on tv. Big fan
I knew id like Mike and Molly as soon as i saw the ads.Its about time we had programmes that didnt contain stuck up,plastic,anorexic know-it-alls with money.It might not have some of the best acting in the world,but damn its funny
I find it great to see people that are not stick insects and these two people are funny, if you new a stick insect and a large person, The large person is happier. If you dont like it there is a thing called a remote if you are lazy, or you could take a few steps and SWITCH channels. GO MIKE AND MOLLY.
your idiots in your own right.... nothing wrong with big people mike and molly rock