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Mon 28 Apr 05:30 PM
Six contestants go head to head to win the cash. Hosted by Eddie McGuire, Hot Seat is a game of strategy, skill and survival. Who will survive? Six contestants go head to head to win the cash.
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User comments
My wife and I love Hot Seat and watch it every night without fail. Eddie does a great job and is a real asset to the show. The only part we don't like is the way Eddie is continually saying "OK", he says it so many times during each show that it's become a laughing point to us.
Missed the show I was in Friday 25-6-2010. Forgot it was on! Is there any way I can watch this episode online. A bit disappointing after all of the rigamarole I went through! Thanks. Christina.
I believe this to be the best general knowledge show of all the networks combined, all contestants have to work together to keep the prize money at it's highest level, regardless who wins, pass if you don't know the answer if you have the chance, Eddie is the Collingwood President and I have been a Collingwood supporter since 1965. Keep up the good work with the show and hopefully I will get the chance to be a contestant at some stage, I would like to impart my knowledge if possible, because I am an avid crossword and and sudoku fanatic, and of course a local councillor, and a general stirrer and prankster. Best regards, Rod
Please TELL Eddie to accept a contestants answer and not pursuade them to change their mind. Twice in the last 2 weeks Contestants who had said "pass", were persuaded by Eddie to change their minds and both went on to get the question wrong and lose a lot of money from the "kitty". Tell Eddie to ask the question and accept the contestants answer without further comment. Otherwise, he may get an irate contestant smack him one. Charlie
will you please make past episode available online? Most shows on SBS and ABC are available to watch back if you have missed it, why not channel 9? cheers
Hi Eddie -Im so much overwhelmed to hear a question you raised in regard to former city of Jakarta. Why? coz my surname is Batavia.
it would be nice if the person who answered the most questions on the night at least got the $1000.00, if the person who answers the final question correct and wins the cash.
why cant we watch back episodes of hot seat.monday 21 june 2010 had tyo attend a function and missed the show
I am also disappointed that we cannot view past episodes on line, I also missed last nights show which featured a local person and would have loved to have seen it.
Why can't we watch past episodes on line. I missed tonight's show due to an appointment and I was disappointed that I can only find a highlight of tomorrows show and not today's.