Digital TV is a new and more efficient way of broadcasting television signals and is a replacement for the older analogue system. All you need is a digital set top box, which plugs into your existing TV and antenna or an integrated digital TV. Ask your retailer about getting the box that's right for you.

With DVD picture quality and clearer, sharper sound, digital TV gets you closer to the home cinema experience. Plus, there's no more 'ghosting' or doubling of the picture, no more 'snow' and no more interference. Read more about it.

The best part is ... it's all free to view!

Set top box or integrated digital TV
Different set top boxes and digital TV's have different features, so it's important to get the one thats right for you.
High Definition (HD)If you're particularly interested in a High Definition picture (around three times better quality than DVD), you'll need a High Definition set top box. You can view High Definition on any TV, but to make the most of its superior quality, consider a TV with a high definition display. WidescreenBecause the widescreen picture is a different size to the regular TV picture, it's best to have a widescreen TV with your digital set top box. You can view widescreen presentaions on regular 4:3 TVs though it will appear in the letterbox format.
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