Person of Interest

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Sun 20 Apr 10:30 PM
While Finch tries to protect an estate investigator whose number has gone up, Reese searches for a missing Sam, unaware that Root has convinced Sam to help with a mission for the machine.
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Jim Caviezel, Michael Emerson, Taraji P. Henson, Kevin Chapman
60 mins
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Person Of InterestLatest EpisodeAfter Carter's death and the war with HR, Reese leaves the POI team and heads for Colorado, where his father had lived.
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User comments
I wonder if 9 will put it on as the Brownlow is on that night 24th september...might have to look on the net to download...the entire series at that!
Surely to say this is a new season is false advertising when we are still watching season 1 and the New Season hasn't even aired in the US.
Too little, too late channel 9. You've lost this viewer. I'll be watching season 2 of POI on the net, just like I watched the last 3 episodes of season 1.
Channel 9 please tell us when is VIC getting this show back? Ads say coming soon and it one time it was saying Monday . Please update website about latest information state wise. Thanks,
When are we getting to see Person of interest in SA? I have seen ads for it but then when I look at our programs for Sa it is not listed!!!!! Very, very frustrating - no wonder people are annoyed!!!!
Channel 9, Why, O Why do you do this to yourself. Advertise the date of POI also print in our TV guide, then don't put it on. I really can't be that hard. Plus why are your prgm start times as printed 85% of the time late by up to 15 plus minutes. Please put Big Brother on at 10.30 pm and put POI on at say 7.30 or latest 8.30pm
Was thrilled to hear Person of Interest would be showing, sadly no show. An 8.30 start would be wonderful when it does show. Was on so late last time, good shows like this should be on earlier, also shown again at another time.
to stating the obvious, they stopped season1, 3 episodes before then end on a bit of an almighty cliff hanger! Monday was meant to be the return of season1 to finish it off before they start season2. the episode I've watched online is brilliant but it was ditched and not aired here in WA last night so I have no choice but to watch it on fixplay. Nine heed everyone's advise give the show a date and time and show it through form episode 1 to end no breaks. the channels in this country need to learn to show TV shows respect and the audience WILL be there. Mess it around and the audience will desert you, watch it online with another website,or to the DVD releases or even abandon the show all together. how i met you mother on channel 7 has lost lots of veiwers including myself channel nine do not do the same thing, be the better channel here.
We had the advertisements as well, but at 9.30 on Monday 17th we had double episode of underbelly. Where was it shown? Will we get to see the episode we missed? I'm in Perth. Stupid Ch 9,
I love this program especially the actor Jim Caviezel YAYYYYYYY its back.

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