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Wed 16 Apr 07:31 PM
Follow the police units for a unique behind-the-scenes look at RBT patrols testing for alcohol and drug affected drivers.
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60 mins
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User comments
Am I the only one concerned with the amount of false positives we see with the drug testing?
Why have they done this? Since when does a show that is 50 per cent rehash of old footage qualify as a new series?
How old are these repeats? Are you seriously trying to fool your viewing audience,what an absolute joke. You jokers should be ashamed with yourselves
Good to read the comments about the insertion of repeats, I won't even bother watching, I've put up with this repeat garbage before.
im sure all new means that i would not of seen any of the show but it seems that they lie and are showing old ones mixed in i watch every show on nine and foxtel and there not all new shows
Will there be a re run of tonights show 12 November 2012 of RBT on catch up TV or on TV
how is this a new ep when I have seen it all before???????
So excited for RBT to start on Monday. My cousin is one of the policeman on the show
Maybe RBT should look at following those who get caught right through to the time they go to court !!!!!!!
why is an informative and popular show such as rpa set back to 11pm timeslot to make way for another mind numbing show! ONCE AGAIN.

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