Capturing the compelling around-the-clock drama of the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney, this season of RPA will bring more stories of courage, heartache, joy and hope as extraordinarily brave people faced a range of medical conditions.
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60 mins
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User comments
Would love to know how Julie's going. Such an inspirational person. Wishing her all the best.
2 weeks running you have shown great contempt by not following up on your promo promise.
Kindly let us know what has happened to the 23 year old flight attendant named "Julie" that appeared on the Rpa show fighting brain tumors? This young lady lights up the room with her smile,she is a brave wonderful soul&inspiration to us all,Thank You!
I just watched a repeat of julias story , how is she 2 day ?
when will rpa will come to dvd the whole serris seriously channel 9 is all intrested into american crap when they put on i was very upset when it got axed i watch this show since i was little don't worry about the stupid rateing god sake
A couple of weeks ago I watched a repeat episode of RPA where a young lady appeared with a very bad case of ezcema. Is there any chance that u could tell me which episode that was and whether i can watch it again somehow. Thanks a lot
Just to emphasise on the previous comments and to show my complete agreement, channelnine PLEASE consider putting RPA on an earlier time!! too much of a waste.
Last week you replayed an old story on a lady who had contiual fractures that were discovered to be caused from a cyst on her thyroid. Could you please provide details of the doctor in this story. Because it was a re-run I can't find any information on line. Thanks
Can you please put the show on earlier, it's toooo late and I don't want to have to watch it off a computer. Do you sell the series on DVD. It's my favourite show!
Rpa is on too late! It's a joke! Channel 9 you are pathetic! You show so much crap.. The mentalists etc.. Who gives a *** about those shows.. Rpa is a great show and should be shown at a more appropriate time!