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Introducing the Underbelly cast.
Peter O'Brien (George Freeman)Peter O'Brien (George Freeman)Sydney's original "colourful racing identity", Freeman controlled virtually all the illegal gambling, bookmaking, casinos and brothels in Sydney — and beyond. A world-class corrupter, Freeman was well entrenched within the NSW establishment. He mixed with high society and had countless cops, magistrates, judges and politicians on his payroll.

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Watch an exclusive interview with Peter O'Brien, as he talks about his character. Asher Keddie (Liz Cruickshank)Asher Keddie (Liz Cruickshank)A detective senior constable with the Victorian Police Major Crime Squad, Liz is a woman in a man's world. She is sharp and hardworking, with strong convictions and a burning desire to see justice done. Liz is devoted to her young daughter Jacqui, who will eventually follow her mother's footsteps in joining the Victorian Police.

Read actress Asher Keddie's Biography. Katie Wall (Karen Soich)Katie Wall (Karen Soich)Read actress Katie Wall's Biography. Roy Billing (Bob Trimbole)Roy Billing (Bob Trimbole)"Aussie Bob" loves his food, a punt, and the big money he makes from his marijuana crops. He is as comfortable with the Italiains of his hometown Griffith and his corrupt mates in the NSW Police, as he is with the thugs of the Melbourne underworld. Bob is funny, engaging - and very dangerous.

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Watch an exclusive interview with Roy Billing, as he talks about his character. Anna Hutchison (Allison Dine)Anna Hutchison (Allison Dine)An innocent, middle-class girl from Rotorua, Allisons world changes forever the day she meets Terry Clark. Terry draws Allison into a life filled with a whole lot more excitement than she ever imagined. But thesex, money and adrenaline come at a cost.

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Watch an exclusive interview with Anna Hutchison, as she talks about her character. Scott Burgess (Jim Bazley)Scott Burgess (Jim Bazley)Jim Bazley is one of the unsung villains of Australian criminal history, full of contradictions. A dedicated breeder of poodles, Jim was also a significant figure in the Melbourne underworld with a particular skill for sale. Matthew Newton (Terry Clark)Matthew Newton (Terry Clark)An ambitiousm charismatic Kiwi, Clark is a wild combition of sex, violence, romance and narcissism. Men fear him, women love him. An astute businessman as well as a cold-blooded killer, Clark created the heroin importation organisation known as the "Mr Asia Syndicate".

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Watch an exclusive interview with Matthew Newton, as he talks about his character. Jenna Lind (Maria Muhary)Jenna Lind (Maria Muhary)Maria wanted what any girl wants — a husband to love her, children to care for, and financial security. Maria knew that as mother of Terry Clark's son, her intense, mercurial partner may stray from her, but he'd always come back to her too. Or so she thought. Damian de Montemas (Brian Alexander)Damian de Montemas (Brian Alexander)The corrupt law clerk had connections in the Narcotics Bureau, Customs, Passports Office, Drug Squad, Coroner's Office, Department of Transport, the list goes on. When his clients ran into problems, he knew about it before they did. And for a price, he could fix it.

Read actor Damian De Montemas's Biography. Kate Ritchie (Judi Kane)Kate Ritchie (Judi Kane)Judi is an attractive, vivacious young mum with two lively kids to Les Kane, one of Melbourne's true wild men. Coming from a decent, lower-middle-class background, Judi sometimes looks back and wonders why she ever took up with firecraker Les.

Read actress Kate Richie's Biography. John Wood (Murray Farquhar)John Wood (Murray Farquhar)As chief stipendiary magistrate of NSW, Farquhar epitomised the shady links between Sydney's notorious underworld and its corrupt criminal justice system. His close friendship with crime supremo George Freeman gave him weekly racing tips that won "98-99 percent of the time". Jonny Pasvolsky (Dave Priest)Jonny Pasvolsky (Dave Priest)Inspector with the Commonwealth Police, which in 1979 became the Australian Federal Police. Dave came to believe drugs were the greatest harm to society and must be fought, not tolerated — and the resources had to be found to wage the anti-drugs war effectively. Dieter Brummer (Trevor)Dieter Brummer (Trevor)A well-intentioned detective constable with the NSW Criminal Investigations Branch who found he'd joined a corrupt unit widely described as a law unto themselves. Trevor was scandalised when he received his first kick-back, but soon rationalised it as a way of "getting things done". Peter Phelps (Joe Messina)Peter Phelps (Joe Messina)A detective inspector with the Victoria Police Major Crime Squad, Joe was always impeccably dressed and a stickler for manners but his colleagues reckoned he was up himself. He was also an honourable, honest cop on a moral mission to catch bad guys.

Read actor Peter Phelps' Biography. Dustin Clare (Chris Flannery)Dustin Clare (Chris Flannery)Known as "Mr Rent-a-Kill", Flannery always wanted to be a great hitman. With his sexy swagger and amazing self-confidence, Flannery certainly looked the part. But his talents as a gun-for-hire were often undermined by his volatile temper and hot-headed behaviour.

Read actor Dustin Clare's Biography. Nathan Page (Ray &quotChuck" Bennett)Nathan Page (Ray "Chuck" Bennett)One of the more cunning and alluring figures in Australian crime. Like the Kane brothers, Chuck grew up in the heartland of thuggish Melbourne standover and armed robbery. But the Kane and Chuck clans were not friends. After the Great Bookie Robbery, their feud became a war.

Read actor Nathan Page's Biography. Tim McCunn (Brian Kane)Tim McCunn (Brian Kane)The older, smarter brother of Melbourne hard man Les Kane. We might consider Brian to have been "the classy Kane brother", although this was still a very relative term: he could also bash, toe-cut and kill with the best of them. A man's man who never forgave and never forget. Martin Dingle Wall (Les Kane)Martin Dingle Wall (Les Kane)A hard man schooled in the standover world of Melbourne's Painters and Dockers union. With his brother Brian, he provided protection for Trimbole and Clark's heroin distribution network in Melbourne. A violent hot-head who did not respond to negotiation.

Read actor Martin Dingle Wall's Biography. Teo Gebert (Laurie Prendergast)Teo Gebert (Laurie Prendergast)A hard man born and bred in the Melbourne underworld. Laurie was committing larceny and theft at the tender age of 12. By 16 he had committed serious criminal offences — assault, armed robbery. An associate of Ray Chuck's, and a close mate of future hitman Chris Flannery. Matt Passmore (Warwick Mobbs)Matt Passmore (Warwick Mobbs)Detective senior constable with the NSW Police Homicide Squad, later recruited to the Australian Federal Police. Mobbs was involved with the investigation into Donald Mackay's "disappearance", and fell afoul of corrupt fellow officers in the NSW Police. He was the first to suspect Bob Trimbole was a major player in Australian crime.

Read actor Matt Passmore's Biography. Wayne Bradley (Vinnie Mikkelsen)Wayne Bradley (Vinnie Mikkelsen)A fearless, hard man from Melbourne's Painters & Dockers trade union underworld. Simone Kessell (Isabel Wilson)Simone Kessell (Isabel Wilson)Pretty but nervy, Isabel seemed to be too highly strung for the life of drug dealing. But there was a hardness under that fragile exterior, an ability to grit her teeth, shut-down and silently take whatever life dished up. Gareth Reeves (Douglas Wilson)Gareth Reeves (Douglas Wilson)From a respectable Auckland family, Doug was one of Terry Clark's closest friends and a key member of the heroin syndicate. A genuine expert in fine art, Doug never stuck to anything much except his wife Isabel ... and heroin. Myles Pollard (Phil de la Salle)Myles Pollard (Phil de la Salle)A detective sergeant with NSW Police Homicide Squad, Phil was handpicked to investigate Donald Mackay's disappearance, because his corrupt superiors were confident he would fail. He may have been a plodder, but Phil De La Salle had integrity by the bucketload. Tony Poli (Gianfranco &quotFrank" Tizzoni)Tony Poli (Gianfranco "Frank" Tizzoni)A key player in Griffith's Calabrian 'Ndragheta (aka Mafia), Tizzoni was a trusted lieutenant to "Aussie" Bob Trimbole. He was particularly well-connected with the Melbourne underworld, and played a major role in helping Bob establish and maintain a drug distribution network.

Read actor Tony Poli's Biography. Jake Lindesay (Wayne Robb)Jake Lindesay (Wayne Robb)

Read actor Jake Lindesay's Biography. Chris Sadrinna (Greg Ollard)Chris Sadrinna (Greg Ollard)A former accountancy student from New Zealand, Greg was a big, charmless young man. Moving to Sydney and dealing heroin was both a blessing and a curse for Greg. Handing drugs around was a great way to win friends, but along the way he himself became a hopeless addict. Ric Herbert (Al Grassby)Ric Herbert (Al Grassby)Gregarious, exuberant, energetic and a champion of migrant Australians — particularly Italians — Al was a former federal government minister credited with coining the term "multiculturalism". Unfortunately he was also tainted by his associations with the Griffith Calabrian mafia set, particularly "Aussie" Bob Trimbole. Sam Anderson (Harry &quotPommy" Lewis)Sam Anderson (Harry "Pommy" Lewis)

Loud, funny and great company, Pommy worked as a drug trafficker and trusted confidante in Terry Clark's heroin importation syndicate. Harry's inability to keep his mouth shut while in police custody would cost him his life.
Elan Zevelsky (Alphonse Gangitano)Elan Zevelsky (Alphonse Gangitano)An educated young man from an honest family who made a conscious decision to follow a life of crime. In the 1970s he rubbed shoulders with hard men like Brian Kane and Chris Flannery. In the 1990s, as the Black Prince of Lygon Street, he was a major player in the Melbourne Gangland Wars. Damon Gameau (Andy Maher)Damon Gameau (Andy Maher)

Read actor Damon Gameau's Biography. Andrew McFarlane (Donald Mackay)Andrew McFarlane (Donald Mackay)

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