The Great Barrier Reef

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Sun 05 Jan 06:30 PM
The final film in the series reveals how the reef is crucially connected to the rest of the planet and how climate change will affect its future.
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60 mins
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User comments
Our mate Karl was actually superb at narrating and presenting this series was the greatest wonders of the world. Exploring the reef was absoutely good down under besides all the parts of the reef. It looked like the suberb film "Finding Nemo" but it nearly looked the same to explore even if it was in Queensland, and it is. Just a good amount of episodes explore our state. Karl Stefanovic is really a great guy to help us and he deserves to get more presented on TV the most. Great narrating from you Karl. Thanks and cheers, mate
Extremely miffed as I missed the last episode of The Great Barrier Reef because your TV guide does not work properly in Queensland. I have a Sony hard disk recorder and cannot get it to work properly with channel 9. Please sort it out!!!!!!!!!
Could someone tell me the title and artist for the song used to accompany the images of the green turtles making the journey to lay their eggs? The lyrics included "I'm going home.." Beautiful photography.
We were really disappointed to miss the last eposide of The Reef. We were going by the tv guide which was wrong, hence the missing of the show. Was really looking forward to seeing it, any chance of rerunning it?
I was really enjoying the show until the part where the tiger sharks were shown eating the turtles who'd perished whilst breeding. I would have thought Channel 9 could have responsibly shown the sharks as part of the oceanic lifestyle rather that highlighting their stereotype as 'monsters'. No wonder people continue to have a negative view of sharks!
Why do we need to dumb down the narrative with Karl Stefanovic. the BBC's Monty Halls is a marine biologist, bit more persuasive.
Some beautiful imagery in this series but I quickly decided that it was best watched with the sound muted. Terrible, mindless script and narration to suit. Is this a documentary series intended to appeal to reality tv fans? I just don't think we need the narrator to point out that 'this is an awesome sight'...
I was very disappointed by the script and soundtrack of this 'documentary'. Given that by definition a documentary is a factual record, the dumbed down language of the show reduces it from educational to a promotion of pretty looking empty headedness. An example of this is the use of the sentence describing baby crocodiles as being "as long as a ruler". I have a 20cm ruler in front of me, a 30cm one in the kids room and a metre one in the shed!So how long are they?! Facts are needed not supposedly catchy phrases! The only redeeming feature are the lovely pictures, which the BBC provided not channel 9 anyway....
Really enjoyed the show, I have no clue of the history of the narrator so his narration was fine to me. They're right, he's no David Attenborough but comparing the two is just stupid. One note though, in one episode you mentioned and displayed a "Clown parrotfish". It's actually a Clown Triggerfish, Balistoides conspicillum. No such thing as a Clown Parrotfish, it's just a common naming mistake.
constructively, karl stefanovic is no narrator. delivery was grating on the ears, dry, flat and accentuated at many a wrong point along a sentence and chapters throughout the entire program. perhaps it was a given opportunity for ks to have a go at it, but then again, if only he could've pulled it off. i would sincerely love to watch the next episode as i think the doco is a fantastic effort as i'd never seen some of it's contents before, but not if ks is on the narration.

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